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August 21, 2014

Pineapple Cheesecake

The other day I ws invited to go to two bithday parties on the same day [this happens quite frequently becaus many friends were born in the same month and often decide to celebrate on the weekend] so, although it was a difficult choice, I decided not to pass on any of them and attending both instead, mostly because I didn't want to hurt neither's feelings. The distance from one friend's house to another's wasn´t that of a big deal, and mine is pretty much in between both of them, so I managed to succeed. I went for dinner in the first house and on the other I only managed to arrive for dessert. As my friend M wouldn't have the time to bake any desserts she had warned us that there would only be a birthday cake involved and that was enough for me to decide to bake a treat to take. The weather had been quite hot so I decided myself for a super white, creamy and deliciously refreshing pineapple cheesecake that was quite a direct flight to paradise!

  •  1 can of condensed milk 
  •  1 package of  cream
  •  Gelatin sheets  - 8
  •  1 dl milk
  •  1 and 1/2 packages of cheese Philadelfia
  •  1 packet of digestive cookies
  •  120 gr unsalted butter
  •  1or 2 cans of pineapple

Crush the biscuits and add the melted butter, mix well and place in the bottom of a tart mould. Refrigerate while preparing the custard. Soak the gelatine leaves in four tablespoons of water and drain well before melting them in 1 dl milk. Whip the cream with three tablespoons of sugar and set aside. Beat the cheese for a few seconds with the condensed milk and stir in the  cream, add the melted gelatin and pour over the dough. Cut the pineapple alices into small bits and add gently to the dough.  Take again to the fridge overnight and the morning of the next day as well [if it stays in the fridge for two 2 days is even better]. Remove and garnish with
pineapple slices on top. Bring back to the fridge and serve it chilled.

{This was the last slice - because I didn´t want to be taken pictures while guests were eating - and it had been out of the fridge for some time by then!}


  1. Gosto bastante de ananás, tem um sabor bem fresco e delicioso.
    A tua sobremesa ficou mesmo linda e apetitosa!

  2. yummy !!



  3. Cheesecaké é a minha sobremesa preferida
    De ananás nunca fiz mas tenho a certeza que ia adorar esse.
    Ficou lindo .

  4. You did right to go to both parties and for sure, you spoiled everyone at the last with your delicious cheesecake. It is mouthwatering and Im drooling over a piece..or the whole of it!:P xo