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August 15, 2014

In The Mood For

{listening to my favourite albums in our vintage record player}

The long sunshining days and the languid balmy evenings have been perfect for throwing all the windows wide open and let summer enter my house. Having the time to read fashion magazines with next season's trends while at indulgent brunches and avidly devouring great books without having to control the time feels like a pure domestic bliss.In summer, I'll take any excuse to be outside as well, so besides random visits to friends and family or dinner out I've been enjoying spending time at the farm in a cleaning process that was required for years now. Tomorrow I'm heading to the coast to enjoy a week of reinvigorating sea breeze, D vitamins, barefeet in the sand and  rejuvenating cold seawater baths.There is nothing better than packing for a week in the sun with little to consider but the ocean and beach attire! Wish you a great weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{wearing red and sultry make up for summer evenings out - undone hair is a must at the beach}

{softening my nails with "pink ballerina" colour, by Estée Lauder}

{saving images of great accent pices for my new house - in love with the elegant cheetah armchair}

{rediscovering the amazing freshness of iced lattes}

{loving these transitional Summer to Fall pieces, , at Zara´s sales}

{this cute sign with a clear vintage feel, great for a kitchen -  at A Casa}


  1. Wonderful post :) I really like your blog
    If you have a minte, check my blog: http://thecolorsofshine.blogspot.com/2014/08/memories-vlog.html

  2. Hola amiga querida ! Que lindo ese sillón con puntos negros !! . Que tenga un óptimo fin de semana

  3. So happy you're finally getting some good weather. Enjoy the beach, sweetheart. And,oh! that lipstick!