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August 19, 2014

Side -By-Side Fridges

Of all the devices for the new house I still haven't bought the fridge I want - the American style side-by-side fridge of my dreams. It is a great piece that brings innovation and style to your kitchen like no other. One of the advantages is that it will provide maximum food storage capacity with all of the lastest refrigerator technology. I love its contemporary and super modern feel, its sleekness and elegance and the way it makes a kitchen look more arranged and beautiful. All you'll be needing is a lot of space beacuse it is a big statement piece...but I had it all figured out in advance!


  1. Hola Aoda querida! Yo me acabo de comprar un refrigerador así y me gusta mucho !!

  2. Love that kind of style too! And for sure in my dream home I want to have a similar one as well! You definitely have to get one of these with ur gourmand recipes!:P

  3. I'm an American, and - sadly - have a plain, old (30-years-old) fridge. Which, unfortunately, still works, so I can't justify another. And my kitchen is too small for one of these beauties anyway. But thank you for providing me with a vicarious thrill.