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August 20, 2014

"Alheira" With Sauté Turnip Tops

The " alheira"  is one of Portugal's best most renowned traditional sausages. In general,  the "alheira" contains a base of pork and pork fat, bread crumbs, olive oil and lard, garlic, salt and sweet paprika and it is smoked. Just to prove its quality I can tell you that it’s been selected as one of the Portuguese7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy” in 2011. Have I got your attention now? This course is absolutely delicious and cheap and appers at our table on a regular basis. It can be fried or grilled, my choice, and I like to cook it very well so that when we are eating we get t a nice, crispy texture without it getting too soft and sticky. The flavour is amazing and I am pretty sure hence you try it you'll become the ultimate "alheira" lover!

  • 1 "alheira"
  •  turnip greens
  • garlic extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 egg
In a frying psn sauté the turnip greens with garlic and  salt . Meanwhile fry the egg and gril the "alheira". As simple as this and as good as you'll ever get!


  1. Como eu adoro uma alheira assim...eu já almoçava novamente

  2. Oh really? I didnt know it! For sure it must be so tasty, especially if it is cooked by you! Aida, your recipes are always so mouthwatering and divine!

  3. NOW we're talking! I'm going to look for alheira in one of our international grocery stores. The turnip greens look wonderful, too. Italians do that with escarole or spinach.