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August 05, 2014

July Beauty Buys

There are products that have become part of my daily routine because they are really efficient, have such a great quality and are so nice that no matter how many different ones I try along the way I always return to them at some point.

1. L'óreal Mythic Oil Sparkling Shampoo is great for my fine hair, leaving it radiant ans shiny, specially in the Summer, due to the amazing golden particles that reflect light. As it is a weightless product it is ideal for my hair type and the Argan and Safflower Oils give it just the nourishment it needs. I also love the Conditioner milky texture that leaves my hair feeling soft, supple and the dry ends truly nourished.

2. Anny nail polishes are fantastic - great colours, fabulous texture, excellent coverage, quick drying and long lasting as they should. Their quality is unquestionable and this bright, happy colour for summer that instantly sets you into vacations mood is more than appropriate to let your hands speak for themselves!

3. In different colours according to the season of the year [dark in Winter and bright in Summer] these 0.99 euros nylon  puffs sold at the supermarket [I bought mine at Continente] are a great help to keep my skin soft and well cleaned since they scrub away the dead skin cells and this process of exfoliation on a daily basis leaves my skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.  And as they are really affordable they can be replaced frequently. 


  1. O love your pictures Aida, the way you combine colors...I have Anny Nail polishes as well and will definetly look for this one!
    Thanks for sharing...good thing you stopped by my blog!
    Claudia ClaKi


  2. The shampoo inspires me a lot and totally love the shade of the nail laquer, Id love to get it too! I also use those nylon puffs under the shower and cant live without them!:) Kisses dear xo

  3. Que buen producto amiga querida ! Lindo ese color naranja de uñas !!

  4. I am going out - tomorrow - to buy the Mythic Oil. I have long, fine hair that needs to be washed frequently and it is SO hard to find a shampoo that will keep it clean and shiny without drying it out. Thank you - once again - for the inspiration. Hugs and kisses to you!