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August 03, 2012

In The Mood For

{swimming in a cold, crystal clear, salty, blue sea}

Those who think that the holidays are synonymous with dolce fare niente, relaxation or peace of mind think again - at least here at home! The card box piles are almost reaching the ceiling, the rooms are full length and breadth of stuff, we have not done anything except cleaning tiles, cabinets, floors, windows and I am truly shocked at the amount of stuff that has fit this small house for all these years. All this also contribites to reshape livelihoods, investments and learn to be more selective andprudent. After all, it is from past mistakes that we learn at least not to repeat the same ones in the future! I´m in the mood for...

Desengane-se quem pensa que as férias são sinónimo de dolce fare niente, descontração ou paz de espírito - pelo menos aqui por casa! Os caixotes acumulam-se até ao teto, as divisões estão cheias de lés a lés, não temos feito mais nada a não ser limpezas de mosaicos, armários, azulejos, chão, janelas e estou verdadeiramente em choque com a quantidade de tralha que coube nesta casa pequena durante todos estes anos. Tudo isto também serviu para reformular modos de vida, investimentos e aprender a ser mais seletiva e ponderada. Afinal, é com os erros passados que devemos aprender, pelo menos a não repetir os mesmos no futuro! Apetece-me...

{displaying white vases with colourful flowers in this romantic heart-shaped way}

{wearing oustanding necklaces to spruce up plain Tees}

{organizing my collection of "petit" earrings - they are scattered all over!}

{having this amazing quote imprinted in one of my walls - got to convince the other part!}

{fancing this pastel hues on a door - quite original and bold}

{reproducing this amazing watermelon cutting craft - lovely presentation}

{deciding on this Parfois' beautiful lace clutch to take out on summer nights strolls}


  1. Love the earrings, the quote (it's awesome) and the clutch. And yes I want to cut watermelon like that, but I can't found the .... that, to cut. Ahahahah
    By the way miss melancia from missmelancia.blogspot.pt is now at amelanciamaria.blogspot.pt

  2. Nice picture!
    Your earrings collection is amazingly beautiful!
    I love those colors, it kinda refresh my eyes (:

  3. How amazing is this post?! :)

    The cluth is beautiful, go for it... Have a lovely weekend dear. I am visiting New Zealand ;) xx

  4. I want to swim in that water too!! So need a vacation...

    xoxo Alison

  5. Everyone of these photos are divine!!! love them all..so good so good!!!


  6. I love the writings on the wall, great idea. It's like a welcome hug ;)

  7. Adoro a parede com o texto, já tinha visto algures e também me ficou atravessado mas a cara metade fez tal ar que nem estou pra me chatear eheheh.

  8. Love these, such gorgeous images...the clutch is wonderful x

  9. Hi Aida! lol so sorry dear, hope u can have a restful weekend! btw, the photo with the sea is so eyecatching! love the clutch too!! kisses my dear!!:*

  10. Love your post. Everything is so pretty and very inspiring. Great photos.
    The first one is perfect.

  11. What a nice post! :-)
    I also follow you now! :-)
    Have a sweet afternoon

  12. wow,another beautiful photos!!! like!!!


  13. I'm in Montenegro now so I know what does cold sea mean :D
    I'm a follower and I hope you will follow me back <3


  14. This weekend I'll be swiming in a crystal blue lake, not a cold ocean but hey, just at good right?! =D

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  15. Awesome post!!!^^
    the clutch is so beautiful ;)


  16. Gostei muito dos "mood for" desta semana :D

  17. NIce pics!! Muy inspiradoras!!

    Qué te parece mi nuevo look?


  18. I adore those earrings. Where are they from? <3

  19. I adore those earrings! Where are they from??