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June 24, 2016

In The Mood For

{obsessing over a strong brow game}
I'm mainly a creature of habits per se [if I try a food that I love I stick to the same breakfast/ appetizer for months until I totally find a new passion and then follow the same obsessive pattern, I keep the same beauty products routine day/ night religiously for years if I find the right mix of products, I keep a daily to-do list at hand and almost feel lost without it, I plan holidays or get-togethers in advance, I go to the same hairdresser/ beautician for the last fourteen years, I do rarely shop for random items in terms of fashion/ décor anymore nowadays - my purchases are always planned according to what I need, I devotedly follow a daily exercise schedule and all in all I'm not very good at surprises] but once in a while it feels great to break up routines. Today I went shopping [sales are on! ] and splurged on a few accessible but totally unpredictable items, skipped my usual training and embraced unexpected guests that totally surprised me with dinner at my place, affectionately brought by them [and still steaming!]from one of my favourite restaurants from 95km away!  Yay to a wonderful weeekend to you all! I'm in the mood for...

{my favourite casual chic look - all classic with an edge}

{these sales goals - a beautiful pajamas set}

{golden accessories full of sophisticated charm}

{the fanciest bench missing on my master bathroom}

 {shorts that scream summer all over}

{beach ready with a sparkling twist}


  1. Tb n sou gde fã de surpresas nem de coisas mal planeadas, no entanto sou mto de me dar a louca a voltar para casa com uma compra inesperada, estilo na semana passada entrei numa loja em busca de uma tee e saí de lá com uma mala a qual nem sequer contava comprar!!!

  2. These are all lovely. I really like that bench! I could see that in my bathroom...it's so chic.

    xo Azu


  3. The golden accesories are beatiful so the shorts are😀

  4. Wonderful necklaces!