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June 28, 2016

Find Of The Month - Décor

I don’t consider a house is a home if it’s not filled with books, but that's just the opinion of a person with a "bit of a book problem"! Almost every book in my shelves have been read [I'm talking about over 600] but the appeal of a bookshelf isn't totally completed without a few décor key elements, so that functionality and style can go together hand in hand. That's why I  definitely incorporate artwork into my shelf scheme.This woman's bust from ZARA HOME is my latest purchase that helps me keep my bookcases stylished, eye-catching with a simple but chic look.


  1. Tenho muitos livros, mas pouco espaço para eles, loool. As minhas estantes são o caos, entre livros meus, livros técnicos de fisica e quimica do meu marido, e os livros do puto agora...

  2. Wonderful! And to further confirm that we are, indeed, the same person, I confess that every horizontal surface in my house has books on it. And we got rid of (literally) a truckful the last time we moved!