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June 10, 2016

In The Mood For

{organizing my nail polishes by colour - too many to handle}

This extended weekend feels like a balm to the hectic days I've been through, so getting to Friday  [which is always exciting anyways] and knowing that I'm already experiencing the weekend in advance is actually having quite a reinvigorating effect on me. I'm more than ready for a relaxing date on a cozy bistro, indulging in some new books and breathtaking horror movies/ thrillers [ The Conjuring 2, The Ones Below and The Other Side of The Door], perusing some interesting lighting fixtures for living-room and indulging in some French pharmacy beauty products, my latest crush. Wish you a great one. I'm in the mood for...

{summery casual outfit with a hint of refinement + the cutest hairdo}

{bag crush that's off my limits - dreams are still for free, though}

{mastering a summer signature cocktail}

{miracle in a bottle doing so good for my skin}

 {the gorgeous necklace I got from my girlfriends}

 {these beautifully scented and colourful roses I got from a friend's garden}


  1. OMG... I Love all ...Nail Polishes are my thing as well. I organize them by Brand... Your Bag Crush, Gucci came out with great things, but I am still not "Feeling it" had a crush on the Mules!


  2. eu fui de fim de semana cansada e regressei ainda mais de rastos, precisava de umas férias, agora looool!!!