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June 06, 2016

Girl Crush #5 Maja Wyh

Boho chic, un certain quoi de rock & roll, the vintage vibe, the patent edginess, quite the  adrogynes look mixed with a whole lot of subdued sexiness and the effortless chic cool she exudes makes of Maja another major girl crush. This German fashion blogger and film student wears her clothes in a way that doesn’t let them wear or overtake her. She is a master in layering, still keeping it stylish and sophisticated. Her wardrobe consists of using basics as staples and highlighting them with key pieces that look amazing and unexpected. She doesn't follow any particular style, but she rapidly became quite the accurate description of style.

{a furry element is always present in her wardobe - siamese twin here!}

{a pencil skirt is essential for sex appeal}
{baggy sweaters, skintight pants and a nice heel and you're good to go}

{a certain dose of androginy has its charm in the form of a structured oversoat}

{always looking polished with a classical blazer}
{super casual and high heels have never felt so empowering}

{it's all about the shiny seductive fabrics}

{flawless fake tan on point and nice jewlry make for the best statement accents}


  1. ai não, não, too frumpy for me, não gosto. Se bem que algums dos casacos de pelo são bem giros.

  2. I have not Heard about Her, must check Her blog😀