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June 03, 2016

In The Mood For

 {applying concealer correctly - does wonders tired eyes}

These latest beautiful days have been so reinvigorating that a major clean frenzy has been on the forefront of my week. Though a bit tired of incessant multitasking I am finally able to embrace the weekend with today's get together with some of my girls at my place, filled with a nice cocktail, delicious treats and some [much needed] harmeless gossiping. This saturday the city's monthly flea market is up and I mean to go there and check on some interesting pieces for the house and I'm going to try a new restaurant out of  town that's become the newest hype - grilled ribs on point! Hope you'll have a good one. I'm in the mood for...

 {daily ensemble : boy-meets-girl effortless chic}

 {this beautiful statement rug for my corridor - goals!}

 {nail polish rut  - all the nudes are on rotation}

{visiting the monthly flea market in search for vintage vinyls}
{the first cherries of the season}
{the cutest polished bag at MASSIMO DUTTI}


  1. Ai as cerejas, estão tão caras que ainda não me atrevi!!! O tapete é O SONHO ameiii!

  2. so nice look ;-0))

    i invite to me too


  3. The blue and white outfit is just amazing!