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May 13, 2014

Wine Cellar

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from being a wine connaisseur [although I appreciate a good sparkling rosé and a bubbly champagne like no one else you know], but I really love the mystique of a wine cellar, specially if there's a  modern twist added to it. One of the things I have in mind for the new home is to create a full home bar as a way to entertain family and guests and I would love to have the extra supplies in a sophisticated wine cellar, to keep drinks at the right temperature and perfectly stored. Inspite of not being an expert at all, after doing my researches I came out with some essential steps to be taken into consideration while creating your own wine cellar:

1- analyse your space [with no direct sunlight] and sort out what will eventually fit there;
2 - invest in a walk-in cooler;
3 - maintain a consistent temperature in your cellar;
4 - control humidity levels under 57 percent so the cork gets no mold;
5 -  add metal and glass finishes for a trendy look and wood and stone for a classical vibe;
6 - add great  LED lightings, which emit virtually no heat;
7 -  showcase your collection with a dual paned glass door;
8 - display your wine in a very appealing way and invite your friends over for a great entertaining time!


  1. wow amazing pics...i want something like the first pic in my house

  2. So pretty! I would love a wine cellar but there really isn't much use to me because a) my husband never drinks which means b) I hardly ever drink, plus I live in the tropics for about 8 months of the year so wine is notoriously hard to come by. But when I do drink I love a cold rose or a white Sancerre in the summer and a good, full bodied red in the winter. Champagne goes without saying all year round and is a favourite when I get together with the girls. I envy those with wine cellars!

  3. Oh, Id love to have a wine cellar too in my dream home!:) Awesome inspiration Aida, the images are all so fab! xo

  4. Adoro adorooo! Quem me dera um dia ter uma casa assim!
    Fica lindo!

  5. Bom, sonho da minha vida, eu que adoro vinho. ERa feliz com uma adega privada, assim sendo já me contento com uma garrafeira bem provida... coisa que a minha há muito que não está looool

  6. Oh, damn, these look like heaven. I'm with you on the bubbly stuff. Don't forget to stock my vodka!