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May 30, 2014

In The Mood For

{organizing my daily routine products for a more effective and easy access/ usage rotation during the week}

And here we are, finally kicking off to Summer, with a very lousy weather but full of hope for better weather really soon!I don't mind that I have almost zero plans for the upcoming weekend because if the sun decides to shine bright again it will leave me with endless possibilities for much appreciated spontaneous activities!I hope you have all a very relaxed weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{on the hunt for a classical, fresh striped pyjamas}

{wearing jeans, red nails and lots of gold dainty rings}

{experimenting with loose beachy waves for a sultry sexy look}

{buying a new pair of high heels in nude pinkish tones to attend a summer wedding}

{having the first cherries of the year at every meal for dessert}

{decorating the house with freshly picked flowers from the garden}


  1. Ahhhhh!
    At last THE WEEK END!
    ... Hoping it is the best!
    Cle *__________*

  2. I wish I could wear heels like that. Gorgeous!
    Did you ever cut your hair?
    Have a lovely weekend dear!

  3. Olá Aida

    Eu também gostei!!!!
    Bom final de semana para vc...

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  4. Oh, you have cherries, lucky girl! Kisses and hugs, and clean out a closet! Love the pink heels.

  5. Tenho andado a dar nas cerejas que é uma coisa louca ehehehhh.

  6. stunning collection of photos, love the way things are captured in these shots, and bits and bobs of life - the flowers are totally giving me warm feelings of spring /summer right now <3

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx