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May 02, 2014

In The Mood For

{the abundance of the most amazing variety of flowers  on my local market}

This week, at work, we were given the opportunity of making something completely unexpected - to have a yoga class of ...Laughter! Contrarily to what I had inicially felt about it -  I am a person who feels most unconfortable before situations where an individual is put into ridicule or nonsense - it surpassed all my suspicious expectations and reveled itself a great time spent together among my co-workers. Certainly the fact that the teacher was fantastic and that you'll never find anyone more prone to laughing and to make people feel at easy must have helped, but the point is that it was a great relaxing session and that set the best mood for the Labour Day holiday and upcoming week. Sometimes it is all about getting off of our comfort zone, incorporate de spirit of youthfulness and boldness we once had and that at some extent still inhabits within us, let go of our formalities and poise and just embark in a total and unknown adventure that can end up in a great joyful experience. Wish you a fantastic weekend!I'm in the mood for...

{the sleekness of this kitchen - everything is just so perfect}

{hunting down the perfect red blazer}

{playing around with all kinds of braids for a fresh look}

{trying this illuminator that actually seems to be as good as it looks}

{can hardly wait for sales to begin in my favourite store}

{these beauties that are everything I love about boots - classy, modern and stylish}


  1. What a brilliant workshop. It is good to laugh and to feel carefree.
    Hope your weekend brings you plenty of laughter and joy! X

  2. nice pics!! ;>>


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  3. Hi Aida! Im glad you had a similar experience and had lots of fun, I agree with you, sometimes is good to get off the comfort zone and try something new. Im in love with red blazers too and still havent found the perfect one! The braid hairstyle is so adorable, Id love to play it, also love Massimo Dutti stuff and the last booties, u should get them!:) Enjoy the weekend dear, hugs! xo

  4. Babe, about the perfect red blazer: I just bought mine and it's so f*cking gorgeous! :)

  5. Very interesting experince!
    Nice weekend, my dear!

  6. Hola Aída querida me gustaron mucho esos botines m un avance de temporada,, que tenga un buen fin de semana

  7. Yoga is a friend who's always there for you. I'm happy you're enjoying it. I was thinking about getting a jacket for travelling this summer, and couldn't decide on a color. RED, of course!

  8. Bom fim de semana, e ri muitoooooooo!!