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February 10, 2014


In my line of thought lingerie should be and actually is as important as our outerwear, since it is the foundation of your wardrobe and one of your most important investments.Wearing beautiful, perfectly fit and good quality lingerie will help your clothes look nicer on your body type, will make you feel comfortable in your own skin throughout the day and it will last you for a long time if handled with care [preferably handwashed with soft soap, cool water and air dried or if it's in the washing machine, put it in a laundry bag and always use the 'delicates' or 'hand-wash' cycle and never mix it with heaviy pieces of clothing].
Lingerie definitely plays an important part in a relationship, mostly beacuse it helps keep the spark alive and maintains a certain mistery, giving your partner something to look forward to. Nevertheless it should be as important even if you're single, because lingerie should always be "about you" in the first place! You should buy it to make you feel more sexy and glamorous, to give a boost of confidence in your appearance and to reinforce the idea that you are found attractive -  even when you're in jeans and a sweater! I think you should never leave the house without something sexy underneath your clothes so it's high time you make it an everyday rule! And considering this week is Valentine's day and that a lovely piece of lingerie is surely one of the nicest gifts a man can give to his female partner is a lovely or sexy piece of lingerie, because , what are you waiting for boys?


  1. Olá Aida

    Lindos, adoro!!!
    Amanhã haverá uma surpresinha.

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  2. so beautiful!


  3. Hi Aida! You are so right! Even though, I always prefer something comfy and cosy, lingerie is so important to make you feel confident and sexy, even if only you know it. You selected the most awesome suits dear, the last image is outstanding! Hope you had a great weekend, wish you a lovely week my friend! Hugs! xo

  4. What a beautiful collection of underwear. Makes me want to go out there and buy matching sets as mine always gets lost!

  5. Underwear, comfortable and elegant, secret and confident but always adorable!
    Nice evening my darling

  6. really really nice blog :)

  7. I'm so bad about this. DEFINITELY need an upgrade!