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February 07, 2014

In The Mood For

{organizing old photo albums over the weekend - planning on a scrapbook}

The first Monday of  February found me crossing things and action steps off of my to do list [I'm a firm believer that the simple act of writing something down makes it more likely to happen], I feel more energetic and seem to finally be crawling out of a numb state of frequently postponing important issues just beacuse they are tough to manage.  As the weather still doesn't seem be any collaborative  this weekend involves a cozy brunch, curling up with a good pack of movies and  nice cups of tea and do some shopping for Valentine's day!Wish you a great weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{loving the similar coffee set my dearest friend Rock Star gifted me last week}

{having a major crush on this utterly classic, timeless chic and very clean look}

{wearing topknots with freshly washed and silky hair for a sultry messy do}

{can´t put on words how much I'm in love with this rustic chic hallway}

{doing a nude + glittery manicure on just thumb and ring finger nails}

{going out for a drink with friends to this amazing Café in Coimbra -live music, yeah!}


  1. Very good ideas! :-)
    I'll copy something of them!;-)
    Have a Great weekend my dear!

  2. the shoes are just from my fashion dreams:)

  3. ai eu se escrevo alguma coisa é CERTINHO que não vou fazer, não sei explicar, mas começo logo a adiar, a adiar, basta estar numa lista de to dos loll!!!! Eu cá só me apetece é enrolar na manta e ver se esta amigdalite dos infernos se vai embora de vez.

  4. LOVE the coffee image and gorgeous silky top knot.
    Have a good weekend from London x

  5. Hola Aida! You are right, writing down things you aim for, is like they are going to happen soon. Weather forecast is so so even here, so I think will do the same this weekend!:) Oh, the coffee set your friend gifted is utterly cute!^^ And also love the manicure, I want to make it too. Messy high knots are one of the most stylish hairstyle and my ever fav. Enjoy your time out with your friends my dear and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs! xo

  6. Love the photos and your nails.:)

  7. I love those shoes, wish I could wear heels! And the coffee set, I think I was drooling more over the biscuits. As a firm believer in writing down lists I am right there with you! Have a lovely weekend! X

  8. Olá Aida

    So cute images.
    Ótimo final de semana.

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha