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February 28, 2014

In The Mood For

{indulging in all kinds of comforting food to get wintery diseases away}

I'm a very anxious person by nature, but this week the anxiety levels were really high. I was counting the days to have this break from work so that I could enjoy some more relaxed time at home and get my hands on countless errands that must be accomplished whithin no time. When I was younger Mardi Gras was very fascinating, not only because of the creativity involved in the process of creating a costume and mostly because of the parties me and my friends used to attend. Nowadays I rather stay at home and get away from overtly excited crowds, which I'm pretty sure it's a sign of times [=I'm gettting old!].Whether your heading for total fun or complete relaxation I wish you a great weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{wearing silver, gold and rose gold bracelets for a sophisticated look}

{loving the overall mix of this gorgeous outfit & accessories -  chic, feminine, romantic, clean}

{saving this sleek modern office for a future inspiration in the decór of my own's}

{savouring the so much needed 5 day break of Mardi Gras  -  weekend included}

{beginning to rotate nailpolishes in softer spring-like hues}

{enjoying all forms of art exposed in the streets of my city}


  1. Hi Aida! Im sorry you had such a stressful weekend. I get you, Im also looking forward to some rest and relax. I am as u regarding Mardi Gras, will stay at home and just be quiet, Im getting old!:P I imagine the treats you will cook!:) Btw, nice inspiration, that outfit is very nice, I need a maxi pleated skirt too for the spring. The nail polish is just so adorable and would love to have an office space in my home as that one. Have a wonderful weekend my dearest, hugs! xo

  2. Felice weekend e buon divertimento, Carnevale lo richiede categoricamente!!!

  3. OMG é ramen???? AMOOOOOO ramen. Detesto Carnaval, confesso, nunca gostei a não ser na infância. Passa um bom fim de semana e umas boas mini férias, sem stress e com muitaaaaaa calma!!!

  4. Lovely photos.:)

  5. I love this glass table. I think I am in the mood for a new pair of shoes. Aren't we all? Lol!

  6. You make me believe that there will be a Spring. Someday.

    Don't be anxious. Everybody loves you!