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November 01, 2013

In The Mood For

{enjoying hot latte breakfast in an open air terraced café}

After a few somewhat discouraging weeks, this finally comes with a breath of fresh air - literary and literally! The cold weather as finally arrived so that I can actually wear some autumney clothes and accessories that have been eagerly awaiting to see the daylight. The publication of my first article in the online magazine Closet came out , a partnership that was a pleasure to develop and that I  hopefully wish will be just the beginning of a long lasting relationship! The week itself went by in a flash and there are going to be some parties to attend this end of the week - from Friday through Sunday there will be all but celebrations, good food and the enjoyment of the sweet pleasure of the meaningful company of friends and family . The realization that sometimes it does not take much to feel truly happy has been a balm! I wish you a happy weekend! I'm in the mood for ...

Depois de umas semanas um tanto ao quanto desmotivantes, eis que esta surge com uma lufada de ar fresco - literária e literalmente falando!O frio chegou finalmente, de modo que vou poder usar algumas das roupas e acessórios mais outonais que aguardavam ansiosamente por ver a luz do dia. Saiu a publicação do meu primeiro artigo na revista  Closet online, uma parceria que foi um prazer levar a cabo e que, espero, seja só o princípio de uma relação duradoura! A semana em si, passou num ápice e há festas esta semana -  de sexta a domingo vão ser só celebrações, comida boa e o doce desfrutar do prazer da companhia imprescindível de amigos e familiares. A constatação de que, por vezes, não é preciso muito para nos sentirmos verdadeiramente felizes tem sido um bálsamo! Desejo-vos um feliz fim de semana! Apetece-me...

{loving Olivia Palermo's combo of classic blue skirt with black and brown elements and gorgeous hair}

{doing a dark blue manicure for the weekend}

{totally craving this perfume as the most desired Xmas gift}

{wanting so bad these beautiful golden bracelets from J. Crew}

{having an autumnal picnic in the countryside -just hope for nice weather}

{reconsidering what I said about the perfume and addding these to the list as well}


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  2. Esta semana para mim tem sido um verdadeiro filme de terror, mas não daqueles que eu goste, estou desejosa que termine e que me passe.

  3. Morning Aida! Congratulations on your article! I've just checked it out and it is beautiful, well done!:) It seems cold is arrived also here, today rain cats and dogs all the time! Btw, I love picnics too, hope the weather will be fine so you can do one and maybe carry some of your delicious treat!:) Love the Zara necklace, it is marvelous! Enjoy the weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  4. Cute post :)


  5. Have a fantastic weekend, my dear Aida!
    kisses and hugs

  6. nice post..love the first pics...

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  8. Passei para desejar um bom fim de semana

  9. Your posts are always so refreshing and inspiring. Have a great weekend.

  10. Fortunately here in Bavaria the cold hasn´t really arrived otherwise I had maybe the same feelings like you. Many thanks for this well written article!

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  12. Congratulation on the publication!
    I like the Palermo's outfit very much-classic elegance

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  14. Lovely blog. Great post and pics. I love the Zara necklace. :)
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  20. I hope you managed to sneak away for a blue sunny weather picnic. X

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  22. Congratulations on your article! You are a professional now, and - just think! - I knew you before you were famous.

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