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November 08, 2013

In The Mood For

{listening to the sound of the wind blow shaking tree branches whilst in bed}

November brings along the sense of wintertime and of the festivities. The shops are already fully decorated for ´Xmas, the urge for buying presents it's already settled in, but at the same time, due to Portugal's financial situation, I have a feeling of saddness when I think about it - nothing that in the meantime, a good DIY won't solve, I'm sure!I've added fluffly sweaters as a major trend to my wardrobe this season that I've been pairing with almost anything - they look perfect with skirts or dresses, complemented with a glittery jewels. I'm craving for chilly evenings spent at home, scented candles burning, a stack of good films,indulgent homemade dishes, all givin me the feeling of a luxuroius hibernation indoors and most of all I can't wait to celebrate a date, that's nothing but too precious for me! Have a great cozy weekend!I'm in the mood for...

{finding the perfect base colour for my now lighter winter complexion}

{craving any of these super cute Marc Jacobs ballerinas}

{mixing fluffly jumpers with structured mini skirts for a casual chic look}

{wearing a single statement hairpin - ultra sophisticated}

{fancying the idea of piling coloured wood near the fireplace}

{doing at home manicure that matches nature true colours}


  1. Morning Aida! I get you, situation in Italy is the same as you know, but I think you no need to splurge, the important of holidays is staying together and I'm sure your place is just filled with love and affection, plus with your treats is the best scenary!:) I want to buy a fluffy jumpers soon for the cosy cold winter evening, also I need a new foundation, want something very light and matte. The ballerinas are utterly adorable, I like also the nail polish, that shade is iconic!:) Have a wonderful weekend my friend, hugs and kisses! xo

  2. O gancho <3 adoro!!! Tb ando virada para esses pormenores assim mais inusitados - pelo menos em mim ahahahah!! Passa um bom fim de semana, minha linda **

  3. wow...i love the moving leaves...all the ideas for november are interesting! the marc J shoes white is what I will pick and the outfit fluffy and skirt.

  4. I love the jumper/skirt look in winter (or all year, if you're from the UK!) The nail polish is such a perfect winter colour too. x

  5. Lovely inspiration:) Have a great weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  6. ...hard times allover the world,my dear!
    Better to live enjoying poor beautiful things!
    Nice weekend and wonderful Sunday!

  7. Following you back Aida :)) Lots of Love and Success for your blog ^_^


  8. I love the wood-by-the-fireplace painting idea ;) Those are some nice ideas to try something new.
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  10. Nice photos! :)
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  11. OMG those shoes are stunning!
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  13. Fluffy jumpers and skirts is how I roll. And if I could name my favorite sound, it would be the wind through the trees.

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  15. I just love those shoes!


  16. Those Marc Jacobs flats are so cute, want them. :D
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