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October 29, 2013

Beneath My Feet

One of the items I will certainly have to purchase for the new house are carpets and rugs and I anticipate no easy task! With numerous textures, patterns, and colors available, the carpet is emerging as the focal point in some interior designs. It beautifies your room, create cozy corners in your house, provides warmth, balance and colour to your home and help you create a perfect atmosphere, but the variety is so big that the choice acan be overwhelming. Do you agree?


  1. cute|! :-))

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  2. Pois. É sempre um problema, os tapetes, não é? No meu caso nem foi muito complicado para a casa nova, na primeira casa é que foi dificil pois tinha chão de madeira tão mas tão lindo que me custava tapar, mas como era alugada queria proteger o mais possivel o chão para depois a senhoria não me chagar. Mas nesta casa agora, já sabia o que queria ainda antes de começar a decorar - tapetes persas!!! Era a única coisa que eu sentia que ia ficar bem como estilo meio colonial britÂnico meio anos 20 dos móveis, por isso, lá fui eu ao Ikea comprar persas falsos a preços baratos eheheh. Até no quarto tenho desses tapetes, só se safa o hall, a cozinha e o quarto do meu filho, claro.

  3. You are right Aida, there are millions, with many different patterns, colors and shapes!:) Is really difficult to pick up only one! I always love somethings as the first image, is very bold and chic. Great images and inspiring ideas dear. Have a lovely day, hugs! xo

  4. wow these spaces are so amazing and cosy <3

  5. hi girl. I just came across your blog and I was wondering if you would like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin, google + and FB. Please let me know

    Beautiful pictures. Love those inspirations

  6. So many lush colours so much to chose from. Great inspirations X

  7. I love the orange one with the orange throw.

  8. I have an old, moth-eaten Chinese rug in my living room. Yellow and purple and green. A rug is a work of art!

  9. ... a rug is the most refined touch of personality in our home, those in the pictures are very elegant exemples!
    Lov& hugs my dear!

  10. So in love with these boho rugs!