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July 15, 2016

In The Mood For

{doing fruit ice pops for the weekend}

The past weeks have been so hectic and stressful, increasing my anxiety levels to the max that I’ve been making a major effort to reserve the weekends for activities that are purely leisurely, rejuvenating and fun. But when last night news of another horrific attack in Nice broke out I realized how lucky some of us still are by living in an atmosphere of peace and how poorly I often value what I have been given anyway. I wish all of you a very nice weekend and hope that you can be amused with what really makes you happy. I'm in the mood for...

{weekly ensemble : pastels + fluid fabrics + comfy ballet shoes + classic accessories}

 {a swipe of glowing bronzer for a healthy complexion}

 {crushing over matte nude nails - the ultimate chic}

 {this cute and super fresh summery days hairdo}

{the coolest straw bag perfect for summer nights out - at TOUS}

{a neon sign that I've been coveting since I saw it}


  1. Olivia's shoes are just perfect!

  2. pois, as noticias deixam-me completamente de rastos, ainda p cima sou do tipo de mal agradecida q qdo vejo as noticias de atentados e golpes de estado e mortes sem razão, não consigo pensar nas benesses que eu tenho, naquilo que a vida me deu de - muito - bom, só consigo ficar a pensar obsessivamente naquelas pessoas que perderam a vida sem razão, no mal q as pessoas insitem em fazer umas ás outras, e acabo por ficar tão deprimida que nem consigo ver o quão beneficiada eu até sou e aproveitar o que de bom tenho na minha vida...