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July 04, 2016

Girl Crush #7 Lucy Williams

She kind of reminds me of Diane Kruger [another major cush] a lot and she portrays a certain je ne sais quoi French allure that's just captivating and adorable. I love her  nonchalant, classic-with-a-twist off-duty style, majorly casual, relaxed and a little bit tomboyish which favours cozy knits, breton stripes, leather jackets, fur coats and covetably sophisticated classic bags. She's the epitome of "less is more". Her styling posts are as enchanting as the exotic locations she escapes to [she has recently been to Portugal] and she always looks effortlessly chic and super natural. Sophisticated and refined simplicity is the key and that's the hardest thing to achieve often times. Well done girl!

 {always classic with an unexpected edge}

{rocking leather like it's nobody's business}

 {fur wardrobe goals on point}

 {a very Londoner effortless sassy vibe mixed with an exquisite Parisian allure}

{tomboyish chic}

 {clean, crisp organic home environment with a lot of style}

{minimal make up + natural hair + flawless healthy complexion}


  1. I did not know Her, lovely sense of style!

  2. pois... tb desconhecia até ler este post. tem um estilo q me agrada mais