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April 26, 2013

In The Mood For

{baking chocolate cupcakes with coloured toppings}

Yesterday's holiday broke down my rhythm a little bit, and if on the one hand it was a balm on the other hand, it seems that the end of Friday will be harder to attain! According to weatherforecasts the weather will remain sunny this weekend, which is great. After a rather exhausting week, I could really use a relaxing weekend soaking up the sun, unplugging from work and reading all the new cookbooks I received for my birthday. Wish you a great weekend! I'm in the mood for...

O feriado de ontem quebrou um pouco o meu ritmo e,se por um lado foi um bálsamo, por outro, parece que ainda me custa mais passar a sexta-feira! Segundo as previsões meteorológicas o tempo vai manter-se solarengo este fim de semana, o que é ótimo. Depois de uma semana bastante cansativa, dava-me mesmo jeito ter um fim de semana  relaxante a apanhar banhos de sol, desligada do trabalho e a ler todos os livros novos de receitas  que eu recebi pelo meu aniversário. Desejo-vos um ótimo fim de semana! Apetece-me...

{loving the scalloped, lace, neon combination on mini skirts}

{urging to get this set of pencils - the cutest thing ever}

{getting inspired by this beautiful, classic but modern decoration}


{fancying the mix of fuchsia nailpolish with gold tiny rings}

{starting a collection of coloured cactus}

{definitely buying this fabric for an upcoming photo shoot, project...}


  1. Photo shoot? I'd like to hear more...

    If I lived in Portugal, I'd weigh 1,000 lbs!

  2. Everything is so great and very interesting. So beautiful coloured cactus.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Eu por acaso à sexta não tem aulas, tenho é ginásio de manhã e explicação à tarde, mas o feriado soube bem à mesma :) beijinho

  4. I hope you have a gorgeous and relaxing weekend doll xx

  5. Hi Aida! Seems you enjoyed your day off, glad of it! I have the same your plans for the weekend! I bet you will bake too yummy cupcakes!^^ The lace skirt is so adorable, love the shade! The pencils are too cute, I wanna them too!:) Have a fab weekend dear, lots of hugs and kisses!:*

  6. Aproveita bem o fim-de-semana. Parece que vai estar sol, mas as temperaturas mais baixas...
    Um beijinho e descansa :)

  7. Hi! You have wonderful blog!
    What do you think about follow each other?
    If you interested, please let me know.

  8. Sol??? Só se for aí para cima, que estão a dar nublado e frio cá para baixo. E eu a ter de me aarastar para o Alentejo...

  9. Every pick is great! Have nice weekend!

  10. Love all the pics!!! Great post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Friday is passing, at last!
    Fabulous weekend, my dear

  12. Thanks for visiting and commenting Aida. Those cacti are beautiful. I remember many years ago having a great collection but when my children were young I gave them away as hey ended up with too many 'spikes' in their fingers.

  13. Gosto tanto dos anéis :) bom fim-de-semana *

  14. Cute skirt!

    E from Helsinki