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February 08, 2013

In The Mood For

{creating my own mask to attend a Carnival costume party}

I don't know if it's due to the anxiety of the three vacation days to come, if it is because I had a week of very intense work, but this week  seemed much longer than usual. Since the rain and the cold are so relentless I plan on spending these next few days in super cozy and warm sweats, tracksuits and pyjamas, either cooking, watching loads of silly Tv programmes, doing some cleaning and atending an informal Carnival party. Sometimes it is just nice enough to stay indoors, reading stacks of magazines, watching films, burning scented candles and having more quality time for the family! !I'm in the mood for...

Não sei se é devido à ansiedade dos três dias de férias que se avizinham, se é por ter tido uma semana de trabalho muito intensa, mas esta semana pareceu-me bem mais longa do que o habitual. Uma vez que a chuva e o frio têm tão implacáveis, planeio passar os próximos dias em camisolas quentinhas e aconchegantes, fatos de treino e pijamas, quer a cozinhar, a assistir um monte de programas de televisivos patéticos, a fazer alguma limpeza ea ir a uma festa de Carnaval informal. Às vezes, é suficientemente bom ficar em casa, ler pilhas de revistas, assistir a filmes, queimar velas perfumadas e ter mais tempo de qualidade para a família! ! Apetece-me...

{loving decorating with beautiful scented roses}

{figuring out what to do with my never ending fashion magazine collection}

{getting inspired for some Valentine's Day treats}

{obsessing about the cool, chic, funky feel of this outfit}

{starting a collection of gold toned skinny rings}

{adding these Zara's sneakers into a Spring/ Summer wish list}


  1. Olá Aida

    Estes pãenzinhos deram água na boca.
    Uma ótima noite para vc...

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  2. Love love love!! I want the look, the ring , the valentines pies :))

    Have a great Friday my lovely xx

  3. Love these photos and i love your choices too. Everything is so pretty. The ring is so great.

  4. Tienes un blog precioso y con unas recetas deliciosas!! Con tu permiso me quedo por aqui de visita :-) Un beso

  5. Love the sneakers**


  6. Ciao Aida! Oh is freezing here as well!! Hope sun will shine soon from you too!!:) Loving your plan, I'm curious to see which will be your treats for Valentines, for sure something tasty!! Your magazines collection must be giant, you know from when I started to read blogs, I less read them! You should by those sneakers, they are so cool!!! Happy long weekend my dearest, hope you have some rest and fun!! Hugs!♥

  7. I have the same problem with the magazine pile.. :/

  8. Espero que tenhas um bom carnaval, que é data que não suporto mas que tenho de gramar graças ao pimpolho, arghhhh as agruras de ser mãe!!!

  9. Ooooh, that stack of Vogues! Now, a couple of things here: I, too, love that outfit. I love simple clothes with great accessories. Jeans and a white shirt? Perfect. Also, are you a gold or silver girl? Thanks for reminding me about skinny rings...

  10. All of these are wonderful...I hope you enjoy your vacation days, sound like bliss :) xx

  11. Ooh all the Vogues! HAve a wonderful vacation.

  12. Não gosto do Carnaval, prefiro mil vezes o teu programa!
    Bom fim-de-semana e bom descanso :)

  13. Great photos!

    Good weekend,


  14. Enjoy your Carnival and thanks for all the tips on Valentines.
    Joyful weekend my darling
    Kisses and smiles!

  15. I always enjoy your "In the mood for" posts... I especially like the white shirt and jeans outfit on this one... Simple yet so chic!