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February 22, 2013

In The Mood For

{fancying bold lashes and cat eye thick eyeliner}

Wherever I turn to, no matter where I am [at the workplace, among friends, in the bus, at a queue in the bank, at the hairdresser, at the market] the word crisis is loudly pronounced at least 95% of the times. People's facial expression becomes sad, disappointed, serious, worried. The dull weather doesn't help to lift spirits up as well. Sometimes I feel a sense of emptiness come over me and I yield to the whining and blaming, to the self-pitying and to rampant conformism.
Then, all of a sudden I realize it's Friday again and that  the weekend was exactly what I needed. Bring it on! I'm in the mood for...

Para onde quer que me volte, não importa onde esteja [no local de trabalho, entre amigos, no autocarro, numa fila no banco, no cabeleireiro, no mercado] a palavra crise é  pronunciada, alto e bom som, pelo menos 95% das vezes. A expressão facial das pessoas torna-se triste, decepcionada, séria, preocupada. O tempo agreste também não ajuda a levantar os ânimos. Às vezes, sinto uma sensação de vazio abater-se sobre mim e eu rendo-me às lamúrias, à auto comiseração e ao conformismo desenfreado.
Então, de repente, apercebo-me que é sexta-feira novamente e que o fim de semana era exatamente o que eu precisava. Que comece a festa! Apetece-me ...

{rocking Sienna Miller's boho bun for the weekend}

{pursuing this lovely gold coffee pot online}

{loving these clothes pegs with beautiful messages}

{wearing delicate bracelets for Spring}

{pairing blcak and several hues of brown - very sophisticated}

{spending the afternoon watching films and eating tamarillos - aka tree tomatoes}


  1. Olá Aida

    Adorei o olho em gif.
    Ótima noite para vc...

    AMIGAdaMODA By Kinha

  2. Friday is my favorite day! I will make it a gateway to the weekend, and beautiful, because you have given me so many good ideas...

  3. Absolutely in love with those delicate bracelets... Have a lovely weekend gorgeous! xx

  4. Your post is a great inspiration. And so beautyful pictures


  5. Love these inspirations. Everything is so pretty. So lovely bracelets.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Love this post doll...sometimes things do get on top of us & then we remember it's the weekend and they seem to fly away. I hope your weekend is bliss. Gorgeous pictures xx

  7. UI, onde é que eu encontro tamarilos??? Não conhecia, nunca comi, mas mal olhei achei que era coisa para o meu puto ficar doidinho com, ele adora tomate. Aquele eyeliner com a sombra dourada... hmmm, muito bem, vou experimentar, acho eu.

  8. Hi Aida! I can get your point, situation is the same in Italy, you see everyone talking about it and with this sad and depressing face! Not so much helpful! Hopefully, will be soon Spring and sun will shine again,everywhere:) Btw, the cat eyes are my fav kind of make up as you know! Just love that gif! I also like to pair black with brown, so classy effect!:) Hope you enjoy the weekend my friend and stay positive, life is a keeping of high and down but the wheel always turns!;) Hugs!♥

  9. omg I'm totally loving the first eye look!
    would you like to follow each other?

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  11. Love the pics! So inspiring:)


  12. That's right, but first of all it's useful to wear an elegant s m i l e, it's the best antidepressant!!!
    Lovely weekend full of nice surprises and smiling faces!!!

  13. Na Madeira esse fruto chama-se tomate inglês! É a tua "cara", portanto! :)

  14. beautiful photos. Especially the bracelet.
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  15. Olá Aida,
    Obrigada por teres passado pela Mansarda. Vim ver o teu blogue e gostei, por isso vou passar a seguir-te, virei sempre que me for possível, porque não tenho muito tempo.

    Um abraço e bom fim de semana

  16. Great, inspiring pics!

    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me back? :)

    Kisses from Poland!

  17. Olá! Realmente este tempo não ajuda mesmo a levantar o astral! Eu que o dia...tenho andado de todo...ansiosa e em baixo!! Rezo para que cheguem os dias de sol e eu fique melhor! :) bjinhos!!!

  18. Que giras as fotos!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  19. Thank you for finding my blog and sharing yours!! There is so much to see over here...as you said, I think you and I will get along just great! :) Looking forward to your posts!!