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December 24, 2012

Dressing Up For 'Xmas Eve

Either it's for a cozy, informal family gathering or for a fancy, formal, rendezvous at the workplace, 'Xmas eve requires a special presentation and vibe. And maybe this year it's about time to think a bit outside the box and to step away from the comfort zone of the all times saviour Little Black Dress and to risk something else.Wherever you spend your 'Xmas eve I just wish you a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!!!

At Home:

  • dress casual and comfy, but add an unexpected element to your garment - sequins, glitter, bold accessories, gold...;
  • even in your pyjamas,wear something more exquisite, like velvet and add a jewel to create some moderate drama;
  • jeans are totally accepted, but they will look better when dressed up with a more festive top;
  •  for an elegant holiday celebration,wear silver, gold or burgundy, for these colours are a perfect complement to the crisp weather outside;
  • build an unstructured hairdo that makes you feel both at ease and polished;
  •  have a little fun by pairing a sexy, unexpected material with more traditional family jewels, stripes, beautiful collars
  • wear feminine and festive dos: a side braid, a front braid, some beachy waves, a chignon for an elegant look.

In the workplace:
  • be sensuous but don't be overtly sexy - after all it's the place where you work, not where you hunt;
  • when highliting one asset, the other has to be covered up;
  • don't wear towering heels nor walk home barefoot - add some glitter to comfort shoes and keep poise;
  • wear a more demure and sophisticated black dress with interesting details [lace, leather, black sequins];
  • consider the spotlight stolen when you slip on a sequin sparkler;
  • update an old dress with statement accessories;
  • wear a sophisticated make up that doesn't make you look like a mascarade.


  1. Olá Aida

    Um ótimo Natal e um Ano Novo de muito sucesso.

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  2. lovely pics; DD

    new post


  3. These outfits are absolutely perfect. Love them all. It's a beautiful selection.
    wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  4. Those are beautiful!! Love them all. Merry Christmas doll, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed time!! Lots of love xoxox

  5. Questi capi sono tutti meravigliosi (: Reb, xoxo.
    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  6. Hi Aida! Just loved your tips!:) All the images you selected are so inspiring and full of great clothes! I want some of those pieces for my holidays!^^ Merry Christmas my friend, have an amazing time and lots of fun! Love♥

  7. Elegance is not by chance!
    Thanks , yours are always very perfect suggestions a must to follow.
    A Merry Christmas full of joy!

  8. wish you too a very merry christmas sweetie!!! thanks for following and for your sweet wishes ;)

    The Blossom Girls♡

  9. Muito linda a sua seleçao de fotos, adorei!

    Aida querida, quero desejar um lindo natal cheio de amor e alegria!

    Beijo grande,

  10. Olá Aida: passei para te desejar um Feliz Natal e um ano novo muito próspero.

  11. Lovely photos! Your blog is very cool, I like your taste! Wanna follow each other? Let me know :)

  12. Loved the looks! :) Great ideas! kisses & hugs babe

  13. Este Post esta AMAZING !!!Adorei todos os outfits!!