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November 23, 2012

In The Mood For

{getting warmed up with soft cashmere  pieces}

 We are in the straight end of November, which means that  the weather is cooling down each day and that it is starting to slightly smell like Christmas. This has been a very positive week, for a change which I thank! I ended up winning the contest sponsored by the dearest Luísa Alexandra [thank you so much for all that voted me] and there's a set of Tefal's frying pans on the way, I have all Christmas gifts qnearly finished, I have already done the list of sweets to prepare on holidays, I'm finalizing the bureaucracies on the new house, I've set three series to update this weekend,but I'm concerned with the fact that the logger warned me that I have used up all the storing in Picasa. Does anyone have suggestions thatinvolve free solutions? I'm in the mood for ...

Estamos na reta final de Novembro, o que significa que cada vez mais o tempo arrefece e começa levemente a cheirar a Natal. Esta foi uma semana muito positiva, para variar que também se precisa! Acabei por ganhar o concurso culinário promovido pela querida Luísa Alexandra [ muito obrigada a todos os que votaram em mim]e tenho um conjunto de sertãs da Tefal a caminho, tenho as prendas de Natal quase todas prontas, já fiz a lista de doces a preparar nas férias, estou a ultimar as burocracias relativas à casa nova, agendei três séries para pôr em dia no fim de semana, mas estou preocupada com o blogger não me deixar preparar posts, pois avisam-me que ultrapassei o limite de armazenamento no Picasa. Alguém tem sugestões que envolvam soluções gratuitas? Apetece-me...

{wearing burgundy on my eyelids - pure seduction}

{making beautiful tags for my guests seats at 'Xmas table decor}

[embellishing the collar of some old sweaters for a recycled fashionable upcoming Winter}

{loving sweet heart shaped rings}

{adopting these colours for the cold season}

{crushing on this clean ,polished but rustic decor - totally my cup of tea}

{certainly getting one of this edgy collars at Parfois}


  1. omgg i love this gif! it's so gorgeous - as are the collars! xx

    beyond amazing!

    High-Stitched Voice

  2. Love everything especially the ring! have a lovely weekend dear xoxo

  3. This gif is so great. Love it! Everything is so pretty and interesting. What a lovely decor.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love it*


  5. Love the embellishing idea on old sweaters, looks fab! Have a lovely weekend! xo Caroline

  6. ...always busy?
    Nice day and fa bolus weekend

  7. Caramba, está tudo muito bem encaminhado :)
    A sugestão dos olhos bordeaux é muito boa, assim como a de enfeitar uma camisola!

  8. Hi Aida! Congrats on winning! So well deserved!!^^ I'm happy for it:) Btw, I have your same mood for the weekend:) I love burgundy in the lids, I'm searching an eyeshadow but I've got only the pencil!:) The heart ring is too adorable and I want a collar too!:D Happy friday and weekend guapa bella!:*

  9. Olha não sei que te diga, experimenta apagar imagens do picasa?? Adoro a foto da decoração tb é a minha cup of tea ahah. E a sombra entre o burgundy e o purpura, parece um bom vinho nos olhos, amei!!!

  10. That embellished sweater looks fab! Great idea!

  11. lovely pics; DD


    i invite to me too

  12. At least all these ideas are gonna keep you busy !
    I quite like the idea of burgundy eye shadow, Great idea !

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  14. Beautiful post.I love it.