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May 03, 2012

Caramel Peach Cake

There is a kind of love in life that cannot be measured, for it is incomensurable. There are emotions in life that cannot be expressed, for they are ineffable. There are feelings in life that never cease, for they are endless. There are people in life that cannot be forgotten, for they are tattooed in our souls. There are bonds in life that cannot be broken, for they are indestructible! Happy birthday my dear mom, my love!
This is the treat I baked for my mom's birthday, who loves the simplest things in life!

  • 1 tea cup flour
  • 125 gr powder sugar
  • 1 soup spoon yeast
  • 4 eggs room temperature
  • 125gr softened butter
  • 1 cup of milk
  • a few drops of vanilla flavour
  • a can of peaches
  • the juice of the can of peaches
  • glacé cherries
Pre-heat the oven 180ºC/ 4 gas

In a bowl mix the flour and the yeast. Beat up the eggs and the powder sugar. Add the softened butter and beat up again, after adding a few drops of vanilla flavour and a cup of milk. Pour over the flour with the yeast. Add 10dl of the juice of the canned peaches and blend well. In the cake moulder spread butter, a bit of flour and fill the bottom wiith liquid caramel. Grab the halves of the peaches and fill the middle with four glacé cherries and place them in the cake moulder. drop the dough all over the peaches.Place it in the oven for about 35 minutes. Afterwards pierce the cake with a fork and drop 10dl of the juice

Há amores na vida que não se medem, porque são incomensuráveis. Há emoções na vida que não se exprimem, porque são inefáveis. Há sentimentos na vida que não acabam, porque são infinitos. Há pessoas na vida que não se esquecem, porque estão tatuadas na nossa alma. Há laços na vida que não se quebram, porque são indestrutíveis. Parabéns, querida mãe, meu amor!
Este foi a guloseima que eu cozinhei para o aniversário da minha mãe, que gosta das coisas mais simples na vida!

  • 2 chávena de farinha
  • 125gr açúcar em pó
  • 1 colher de sopa de fermento
  • 4  ovos temperatura ambiente
  • 125 gr de manteiga amolecida
  • 1 chávena de leite
  • aroma de baunilha
  • 1 lata de pêssego
  • sumo do pêssego enlatado
  • cerejas cristalizadas 
  • Pré-aquecer o forno 180ºC/ 4 gás

Numa taça misturar a farinha e o fermento. Bater as gemas e o açúcar em pó. Juntar a manteiga amolecida, algumas gotas de aroma de baunilha, a chávena de leite e depois despejar tudo sobre a farinha e o fermento. Bater tudo muito bem e adicionar 10dl do sumo dos pêssegos enlatados.  Colocar numa forma untada com manteiga e polvilhada com farinha caramelo líquido a gosto e encher as metades dos pêssegos om as cerejas cristalizadas. Deitá-los para baixo na forma, verter a massa por cima e levar ao forno cerca de 35 minutos.Desenformar ainda quente, mas antes picar com um garfo o bolo todo e verter mais um pouco do sumo da lata.



  1. Actually craving for something like this now ;)


  2. It looks so delicious. These photos are great. It's a very nice decoration.

  3. wow! It looks so yummy ;o). Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  4. Looks delicious! Too bad I can't cook - haha )))

  5. This looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing! xxx


  6. es una delicia mirar tu blog!!!

  7. Looks like my mums one :) thanks for sharing! Beijokas

  8. I once try to cook a pineappel cake, but it doesn's work,... I'll try to bake this one xD

    Thanks for your coment on my blog, after this post, the rest of your pictures looks so delicious jajajajaja xD I'm your newest follower


  9. Great pictures! THat food looks amazing!
    Thank you for your comment, I really enjoy your blog as well. I am also following you:)



  10. UUUUUMM! delicioso! me ha entrado un hambre tremenda al ver este cake.

  11. It looks soooo delicious! Great post, definitely need to try this. :)


  12. I hope that you mom had a nice birthday.

    This looks so delicious.

  13. awww lovely pictures!! sorry to hear about the pain, just take care of yourself sweetie!!

    dont worry about it....we need to visit more often goes for me too hehe..love your blog posts though! always refreshing :D btw im lusting for zara blazer myself :D hehehe shd buy it together!! lol

  14. sorry to hear about your pain, i can imagine it must be killing you. just take it easy and dont strain yourself too much okay :)

    i know what you mean abt the zara blazer haha..me too lusting for one, we should buy it together :D