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September 23, 2016

In The Mood For

{just because they say summer's not over yet - movies marathons' best companion}

September has brought with it a soft autumanl chill in the air, specially early in the morning and at night and a tenency to a sudden and unexpected rainy shower that makes the wet earth smell amazingly. From this time on I usually feel like favouring cozy evenings indoors though two meals out this weekend at some relative's places will work just fine. It's high time to make my home feel as welcoming as possible do I'm all for scented candles and  fresh flowers all over, soft lamps and hearty meals and unpatienlty waiting for embracing autumnal layers of beautiful clothes. Wish you a lovely weekend! I'm in the mood for...
{searching for the perfect timeless chic robe}
{beautiful classy, chic, modern, crisp emsemble and cool accessories}
{my new scent - an unexpected gift that's a favourite already}
{[baking the sweetest treats with laste summer berries produce}
{a sucker for handbags that are an ode to Fall - at Üterque's}
{this Zara's athleisure style pants that came home with me}


  1. Hi there!!!
    Love this Post!!! Here where I am "BERLIN" it's cold already, so I am def. saying Bye Bye to Summer... (Sad Face :( But hey, I also got my some Pants from Zara, Love them!!! XOXO
    Keep up with the Great posts!

  2. so cute pics!! :-))

    i invite to me too