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September 12, 2016

Girl Crush #9 Pam Hetlinger

Her sophisticated city chic style was what called my attention on spot - I love the way she styles her ripped jeans with more sophisticated pieces, for instance. The Girl From Panama provides us the latest fashion and beauty trends and also shows us her beautiful coveting travel destinations from around the world. She effortlessly pairs super renowed brands with fast-fashion pieces from more affordable and mainstream shops and always looks like a million bucks and all her photos look like they came straight out of a fashion mag spread. Get inspired!
{going for old Holywood glamour with exentric fur coast}

 {classic pieces with a modern twsit}

{leather motorbike jacket as a daily basis staple}

{breezy cool effortless looks: chiffon blouses + lightweight tops}
{a trendy cape as a statement piece}

{smoky sultry make up + polished accessories}

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