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August 15, 2016

Off The Shoulder Dress

To me there's nothing sexier in the summer then showing the shoulder - it's elegant, refined, effortlessly chic yet alluringly sassy. The Brigitte Bardot- je-ne-sais-quoi inspired silhouette is no longer for the beach-bound only - bohemian, effortless, relaxed, cool, edgy ladylike and over the top feminine, the off the shoulder dress with its subtlety and mystery goes a long way either you're going for lunch in the city or wear them during office hours in the hotter months. Have you got yours already?


  1. OMG...I need one in my Life...Got me a Couple of shirts, thought about one Dress but then left behind... after this Post I think I am going to go look for one, see if there's any "Leftovers" Summer Days are almost gone, too good there's places like Lisbon it's still HOT like Summer just got here...too bad I am not in Lisbon to wear all my Summer Clothes :(
    Lovely Post as Usual...

    Check out my Blog:
    I have a post on a Look with one of my Shoulder's off shirt!

  2. The first one is esp perfect!