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August 01, 2016

Girl Crush #8 Camilla Pihl

Camilla Pihl is a famous multi-talent Norway based beauty, designer, jewelry crerator, traveller, model, businesswoman and  blogger whose easy, clean, crisp  and effortless chic style is one of my favourites. True to herself  she lives out of jeans, leather jackets,  ankleboots and Chanel bags. Simplicity is her motto and she lives by it perfectly.

[cool effortless sophistication - boy meets girl]

[casual easy wear with a hint of cool]

[fur on point]

{feminine with a certain sassy feel]

[comfort with a curated but apparently easy effortless vibe]

[classic, timeless, polished and utterly sexy]

[minimal make up but really well treated skin]

[impeccable, tasteful and great-looking home with a clear Nordic atmosphere]