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April 04, 2016

Girl Crush #4 Camille Charriere

Camille Charriere, a half French-half British Parisian is the girl to go to for some timeless chic inspiration. Her French side makes her opt for emsembles that are often classic, simple and elegant s whilst her British part goes straight for an accent of bold individual edge to combine with it. Camille was studying law but she gave it up, in order to work in fashion. Today she is a freelance fashion journalist and a blogger. Her blog, “Camille Over the Rainbow” represents her sense of chic and casual style,  balancing classic Parisian with a modern London spin so effortlessly that we know she's a natural.  She also does the barefaced look better than anyone and she looks great on whatever she puts on.
 {motobike chic babe}

 {crisp white ensembles}

 {rockstar sultry sassiness}

 {casual cool but still feminine}

 {coat cult on point}

 {fancy accessories queen}

 {funky fashionista}