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April 12, 2016

First Signs Of Spring - Part 1

I love April, its beautiful blooms and the end to being cooped up inside the house during long lasting bitter cold winter days.Nature presents us with a colourful palette that brightens my mood and secretly fills me with a kind of  giddish joy that makes me feel like a child once again. As soon as the sun goes up I go outside, wander around freely through the woods nearby and feel blessed to be surrounded by such little miracles.


  1. Os sinais existem, mas a primavera não aparece :(
    Beijinhos ...
    Guloso qb

  2. Yellow flowers! Nature's way of making me happy.

  3. A Primavera aqui em baixo anda um nadinha escondida... um nadinha grande!!! Mas o raio das alergias já cá está!