Everyday life is the special occasion!

August 16, 2013

In The Mood For

{driving along the coast to take pleasure in the most amazing beach sceneries}

The mid of summer came so fast, but there's still time to find joy in small pleasures: get enough sleep and sunshine, eat more healthily, drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices to keep your body hydrated and and your skin radiant, fill your house with a natural bouquet so that your placewill be added some loveliness, go to the cinema to enjoy some new releases, buy yourself some affordable treats, explore your own city [parks, museums, churches], go to some live concerts, grill food in the backyard, prepare reinvigorating cocktails for a night home with friends. The most important is to treat everyday like a special occasion! I'm in the mood for...

Os meados do  Verão chegaram tão rapidamente , mas ainda há tempo para encontrar alegria nos pequenos prazeres: dormir e apanhar sol o suficiente, comer de forma mais saudável, beber muita água e sumos de frutas frescas para manter o corpo hidratado e a pele radiante, encher a casa com um ramo de flores naturais, para que acrescente alguma beleza ao seu lar, ir ao cinema para desfrutar de alguns novos lançamentos, comprar alguns mimos a preços acessíveis, explorar sua própria cidade [parques, museus, igrejas], ir a alguns concertos ao ar livre, fazer churrascos no quintal, preparar cocktails revigorantes para um serão caseiro com os amigos.O mais importante é tratar todos os dias como se fossem uma ocasião especial! Apetece-me ...

{trying on these beautifully coloured blushes}

{choosing the perfect drinks for my home bar on the go}

{searching for such a cute and polished swimsuit on sales}

{making every kind of pretty braids on a daily basis - this one's next}

{wearing beautiful but cosy camel flats while I'm still tanned}

{these basic essentials that accompany me everytime I go to the beach}


  1. Aída el verano es sol , relax, comer rico y descansar,, aprovecha y disfruta,,,

  2. You can do that braid? I'm impressed.

    I'm intrigued by your bar. That bottle of gin looks a little too full to me, young lady!

  3. These photos are so great. Very fun and relaxing. The first one is perfect.
    Nice post.

  4. Hi Aida! Is unbelievable how much time flies, here another week is over! I will follow your plans, you are right, everyday must be treated as special ones:) Your beach essentials are cool, I also use Nivea cream and I find the really good! Enjoy the weekend my friend, hugs! xo

  5. Tenho andado ausente, férias e regresso ao trabalho...
    Como sempre, só boas inspirações para o fim-de-semana :)

    Um excelente fim-de-semana!

  6. What an adorable swimsuit! Enjoy the last rays of summer, smell the fresh flowers, savour the G+T's for sunset and embrace. Love this post! X

  7. It's like a mantra, and "to treat everyday like a special occasion!" is the best to follow!!!
    I wish you a fantastic weekend, my dear!

  8. lovely photos. Can’t wait to read more from your blog <3
    xox, http://janicethitran.com
     (✿◠‿◠)<3

  9. I think that you are in an excellent mood and this is quite an inspiration.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. Awwww these images just made me smile Aida....It's great to see that you're having the summer of your life!

    I'm currently in the midst of huge campaigns for 2 brands & I would look forward to see your little vote for me to become the new Brand Ambassador for Rose Royce Jeans. Here is a quick voting link, just whenever you have time http://bit.ly/16LIEuq ....Thanks in advance & more power always to you mi amiga!


  11. Preciosas fotos.
    Un beso y feliz domingo.