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July 12, 2013

In The Mood For

{enjoying the first swim in the cold seawaters - so invigorating!}

As we are heading faster and faster to the middle of July I begin to dream about holidays by the sea, relaxed afternoons sipping iced tea and reading books and magazines and enjoying quality time with friends and family. In the meantime I plan on watching the new season finale of Dexter and season 4 of Justified, be bloated on chilled juices and have Sangria for dinner and take a look on Zara's sales to go after classic timeless blazers that I end up weraing year after year. Have a great weeked! I'm in the mood for... 

À medida que caminhamos rapidamente para os meandros de julho, começo a sonhar com férias junto ao mar, tardes descontraídas a bebericar chá gelado e a ler de livros e revistas e a desfrutar de bons momentos com amigos e familiares. Neste meio tempo  pretendo assistir à nova season finale do Dexter e à 4 ª temporada do Justified, encharcar-me em sumos gelados e beber Sangria ao jantar e dar uma olhada nos saldos da Zara à procura de blazers clássicos intemporais, que acabo por usar ano após ano. Tenham um ótimo fim de semana! Apetece-me...

{loving cute and simple braided hairdos}

{buying this tray to display my massive nailpolish collection}

{wearing florals and neon accessories and gold accessories}

{trying this amazing illuminator}

{getting my cupboard totally cleaned and organized with a sophisticated look}

{eating natural frozen yoghurt icecream with fresh strawberries and seeds/ chocolate chip toppings}


  1. Hola Aída que tenga un lindo fin de semana junto a los suyos

  2. Me apunto a un fin de semana como este, Aida!!! y que no falte el helado. Besos.

  3. Love these photos. Your choices are always so inspiring and great too. The last look is so classy.

  4. Mmmm!! I love icecream with fresh strawberries!! Nice pics!:)

  5. this nail polish collection, Wow!

  6. Ah as tranças!!! Finalmente o meu cabelo atingiu um tamanho que permite usar tranças e o meu puto ontem já me estava a mandar fazeruma trancinha, que adora ver-me assim. Nem me fales em armários de cozinha, aproxima-se a passos largos a obra na minha e já só tremoooooo!!

  7. I heart your nailpolish collection. Love Benefit! Enjoy the fresh summer swims. Have a great weekend X

  8. Ciao Aida! I have your same dreams! And now that you made me think is unbelievable the half of July already! Btw, the braids are too cute for a summer hairstyle, have just brought a new nail polish this morning and I need a trail as well!:) The highlighter looks amazing, yum for the treat!:) Have a wonderful weekend my dear, big hugs! xo

  9. Sounds like you have a great plan for the weekend! Love a clean and organized cupboard too!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Ah, summer! So short in Chicago! I think it's our general lack of vitamin D that makes us so crazy.

    I waited for tank tops to go on sale and bought a whole wardrobe of them. I'm good for life.

    Have a fabulous and sunny and happy weekend, sweetheart!

  11. Wow = you're so busy you're making me feel like a slacker!!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  12. Lovely posts...Dear for the Tray check Zara Home, they are having great sales!