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December 05, 2016

Girl Crush #12 Sílvia García

One of the first Spanish bloggers I started to follow back in 2011, Silvia García from Bartabac is now a worldwide famous name -  she now has her own line of footwear, is a designer of the brand À Bicyclette and has collaborated with brands such as Kenzo, Givenchy, Mango, H & M, Tous, among others. All consequence of a blog - today translated in 3 languages and with photos of P. Soury - whose cause was but a special love for clothes. Stylewise I love the fact that she starts with classic pieces and then plays with the accessories, which she attaches a lot of importance to. She follows, to a certain extent, the trends, but only those with which she really identifies herself with, and always adapts them to way of interpreting fashion.

classic trench coats + distresse jeans+ cool accessories

pleated skirts + trendy bags

parisienne vibes

super classy overcoats in neutral hues

edgy moto jacket + feminine flirty dresses

mini skirts+ trendy booties+great legs for days

beautiful bombers+ super shiny hair

cool fake fur outerwear+ sassy looks

classy + feminine + crisp clean home atmosphere

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