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December 08, 2016

Egg Whites & Egg Yolks Swiss Roll

I've been meaning to bake an eggs whites swiss roll for months and this Christmas time just felt perfect for it.  This roll cake is light, soft, moist and covered with a super sweet and delicious eggs yolks cream sprinkled with cinammon  A very delicious cake treat not to be missed.

  •  8 egg whites
  •  8 tablespoons of sugar
  •  8 egg yolks
  •  8 tablespoons of sugar
  •  8 tablespoons of water
  •  powder sugar
  •  cinnamon in powder
  •    "fios de ovos" [Angel hair, called in Portuguese fios de ovos ("egg threads") is a traditional Portuguese sweet food made of eggs (chiefly yolks), drawn into thin strands and boiled in sugar syrup]

Beat the egg whites in a castle. Then add the sugar and beat well until you have a firm meringue. Cover a tray with non-stick vegetable paper and pour the egg whites into it. Bake in a heated oven at 200º C for 8 minutes. Let it cool completely inside the oven. Unmold after cold, on top of a cloth dusted with powdered sugar. Meanwhile, prepare the egg candy. On a small pinch, place the egg yolks, sugar and water. Bring to the boil, stirring constantly until thick. Let it cool a little, then spread the egg candy. With the help of the cloth wrap in the form of pie and take in the cold until completely cool. At the time of serving, place the pie on a platter and cover with the remaining sweet eggs. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder to taste. Serve very fresh. Decorate with egg yarn.

  •  8 claras
  •  8 c. (de sopa) de açúcar
  •  8 gemas
  •  8 c. (de sopa) de açúcar
  •  8 c. (de sopa) de água
  •  açúcar em pó
  •  canela em pó
  • fios de ovos

Bata as claras em castelo. Depois junte o açúcar e bata bem até obter um merengue firme. Forre um tabuleiro com papel vegetal anti-aderente e verta no seu interior o preparado de claras. Leve a cozer em forno aquecido a 200º C, durante 8 minutos. Deixe arrefecer completamente no interior do forno. Desenforme depois de frio, em cima de um pano polvilhado com açúcar em pó. Entretanto, prepare o doce de ovos. Num tachinho coloque as gemas, o açúcar e a água. Leve a lume brando mexendo sempre até engrossar. Deixe arrefecer um bocadinho e depois espalhe o doce de ovos. Com a ajuda do pano enrole em forma de torta e leve ao frio até arrefecer completamente. No momento de servir, coloque a torta numa travessa e cubra com o restante doce de ovos. Polvilhe a gosto com canela em pó. Sirva bem fresco. Decore com fios de ovos.

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