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November 30, 2016

Blackberries Rustic Braid

There are a few staples that I always have in my freezer: a pint of ice cream, bacon, eggs, red berries and lots of puff pastry so that when either disaster strikes or unexpected guests come around one of those items are sure to appease the situation. As I had friends over right on schedule this is my quick fix for desperate situations - so to speak - one that always has lots of compliments is is highly appreciated. Though simple and easy it looks nice and tastes divinely -  the scent in the kitchen will smell like your favourite bakery and the delicious taste of homemade blackberries jam, with big frozen blackberries that were the result of a walk in the woods last september mixed witrh the buttery and crisp puff pastry sided by a nice cup of coffee were the perfect  little afternoon pick-me-up for us all.

  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • homemade blackberries preserve
  • frozen wild blackberries
  • eggwash
  • light brown sugar to sprinkle on top

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