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January 09, 2017

Girl Crush #13 Jacqueline Mikuta

Jacqueline Mikuta is a Swedish girl who has an education in Photography, Advertising and Art-Direction, has worked as a stylist and make up artist but is now focusing on her biggest passion, fashion photography and her blog Mikuta and who I've found just recently. I've right of the batch been completely, absolutely and utterly obsessed about her style. She's quite the girl next door whose ante was upped to a whole new level of coolness, sassiness and effortlessness. She’s the epitome of sophisticated cool, she looks sharp, polished, unpretentiously elegant, super sexy without any hint of vulgarity and always comfortable not only her clothes but also on her often tanned and enviable tanned glowy skin. A certain je ne sais quoi is evident and oh so covetable!!! She inspires and she incites me...well travelled, well stylished, well loved...and no, she's not always in designer clothes. You'll find her often in Zara, H& M and Topshop but somehow she always manages to loook like a million dollars, due to her eye for design and undeniable overall cuteness. So rock chic, so feminine, so adorably put together, so creatively reinvented....Un esprit sauvage à la page! Jacqueline, Jacqueline je t’adore, je t'envie...beaucoup!

cozy comfortable knits

white shirts/ blouses + distressed silky topknot

feminine bombers + relaxed overall look
distressed jeans + effortless classics
classic motobike jacket with an unexpected twist
flirty dresses with a clear girly vibe
sophisticated long coats
a bit of shimmer even during daytime
sexy minis and tanned legs for dyas
her cool house and gorgeous beau Klemmens

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