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May 19, 2017

In The Mood For

 {organizing my massive sunglasses collection/ addiction}
 {totally craving an embellished black leather moto jacket}
 {a shimmery bronzer that gives a wonderful but discreet halo to your complexion}
 weekend's hard task - curating my wardrobe this beautifully : dream on !!!
 a T-shirt that basically says it all about my mood
 {the most original and delicious birthday cake made all of a famous regional Portuguese treat - queijadas de Pereira}
 {the cutest summer bags this year are at ZARA - watermelon anyone?!}


  1. Love the watermelon bag 😀

  2. Aida, as usual, love your posts!
    U made me realize How much i am in need of Sunglasses!!! I do own quite a few, but... they're old! LOL
    The last picture...the watermelon bag... love it... Fruits are all over!!!
    Oh Zara... so Colorful these days!