Everyday life is the special occasion!

March 10, 2017

In The Mood For

{having lots of lemon tea with lemon slices }

{taking advanatage of the late sunny weather to incorporate summery stripes into daily outfits}

{beige nail crush as of late}
{filling the house with flowers and beautifully scented candles}
 {weekend series marathons are filled with decadent treats}
 {an appealing vibe of  of spring - at ZARA}

{enjoying the pretty colours, texture and design - at ZARA}


  1. lovely look ; = ]

    i invite to me too


  2. Hello Aida, I love anything with lemons. The lemon tea sounds wonderful. And those doughnuts looks scrumptious. Your pictures are lovely today. I hope you are enjoying these March days.

    love, ~Sheri