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July 31, 2013

Jewelled Tray - Part 2

Some things are just too pretty and too summery to be kept hidden inside some drawer. That's why, specially in the summer, I love displaying some of my favourite objects in a beautiful tray not only to bring a pop of colour around the house, but also as a way of making the atmosphere of the bedroom feel absolutely girly, glamorous and artsy!

Algumas coisas são demasiado bonitas e muito veraneias para serem mantidas escondidas dentro de uma gaveta qualquer. É por isso que, especialmente no verão, eu adoro exibir alguns dos meus objetos favoritos numa bandeja bonita não só para trazer um toque de cor ao redor da casa, mas também como uma maneira de tornar a atmosfera do quarto  absolutamente feminina, glamurosa e artística!

{Zara Home's tray}


  1. You take beautiful pictures.

    Yes, summer is full of vibrant colors. And they all look better under the sun. Love those statement necklaces. Can't wait to see you wear them.

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  2. So lovely jewellery. I love these styles and colors. Beautiful flowers too.

  3. adoro,adoro, adoro tons pastel :) muito bom gosto!

  4. Dear Aida, I should make the same with my jewelry. I remember the first part and I really like also this second one! The necklaces you have are too gorgeous, love them!:) Kisses and hugs! xo

  5. Hola Aída me gustaría saber si se le actualizo mi último post,, es que parece que estoy con problemas con el blog

  6. gorgeous! and i agree, some things are way too pretty and need to be out as decor!

  7. Adorei tudo!
    Os colares são... lindos

  8. Adorei os colares e gostei muito do blog :). Já sigo ;). Se quiseres passa no meu cantinho também :)


  9. I LOVE this - keep out a few of your favourite things. Great idea.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.