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October 24, 2014

In The Mood For

{waking up to very early crisp mornings that develop into beautiful sunshining days}

I don't know what is happening with the weather in your corner of the world, but here the sun decided to put his hat on and summer has been paying us an extended visit for the last week and week to come. Though I love the brisk of Fall this balmy days haven't been necessarily disappointing because a deep decluttering is at full gas around the house - at least I've stick to one of this year's goals for real. With nothing on the agenda for this weekend but the new series Flash and The Knick I mean to enjoy the most of it in a relaxed mood, starting with a date dinner out tonight and some drugstore beauty products haul tomorrow. Have a nice one! I'm in the mood for...

{absolute crush - pairing summer dresses with autumnal booties - the ultimate sexy chic}

{burgundy lips and Chanel make up - one of the very best all year round}

{these beautiful,organic decorative urns that are the perfect DIY challenge for Fall}]

{a very affordable perfume that smells intimatelly sophisticated}

{the discreet shimmer of the leather and the great confortable heel have completely had me at first sight}

{great signs of Fall at a relative's outdoors entertaining room}

October 23, 2014

Yoghurt & Apple Pie

This end of October surprised us with an unexpected late hot sun that inevitably leads us back to  light and fresh clothes, al fresco dinings and socializing among friends in a more relaxed way, though it gets dark earlier and earlier. Well, it was precisely in one of these evenings that I baked this pie that has a less traditional feel, for a casual dinner at a friend's house,but that is very tasty, light, not too sweet and still has an autumnal look - besides keeping the rustic and homemade feature that my friends are so fond of - and that was accompanied by a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream just to celebrate the fact that we have summer in October!


  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 2 Greek yoghurts
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 package of cream
  • 1 cup of yoghurt with sugar
  • apples
  • lemon juice
  • cinnamon

Cut the apples into slices and let them stand in the juice of a lemon. Line a tart mold with a sheet of puff pastry and poke with a fork at the bottom. Blend all the other ingredients very well. Pour the batter into the mold. Place the sliced apples on top of the batter and sprinkle with cinammon.Take it to a preheated oven at 180°, approximately for 30 minutes. Unmold and let cool.

Este final de Outubro surpreendeu-nos com um inesperado sol abrasador tardio que, inevitavelmente, nos leva de regresso às roupas de tecidos leves e frescos,aos jantares al fresco e ao convívio entre amigos mais demorados, ainda que anoiteça cada vez mais cedo. Ora foi precisamente num destes finais de tarde mais quentes, para um jantar descontraído em casa de amigos, que confecionei esta tarte que tem um toque menos tradicional, mas que se faz num ápice, é muito saborosa, leve, não muito doce e de aspeto outonal - para além de manter o ar rústico e caseiro que os meus amigos tanto apreciam -  e que foi acompanhada por uma generosa bola de gelado de baunilha só para celebrar o facto de termos verão em outubro!

  • 1 folha massa folhada
  • 2 iogurtes gregos
  • 3 ovos
  • 1 pacote de natas
  • 1 copo de iogurte com açúcar
  • maçãs
  • sumo de um limão
  • canela  
Cortar as maçãs às fatias e deixá-las a repousar no sumo de um limão. Forrar uma tarteira com uma folha de massa folhada e picar o fundo com um garfo. Bater bem todos os outros ingredientes. ingredientes. Verter a massa para a forma. Colocar as fatias das maçãs por cima da massa e polvilhar com canela.Vai ao forno pré-aquecido a 180º, aproximadamente 30 minutos. Desenformar e deixar arrefecer. 

Too Good Not To Post It Right Away

October 22, 2014

Chicken Vol Au Vent

A vol-au-vent is the French name for a baked puff pastry batter. The name means "windblown" and describes the lightness of the pastry.
- See more at: http://www.visitflanders.us/discover/flanders/flemish-specialities/vol-au-vent/#sthash.hFPDcJ2i.dpuf
A vol-au-vent is the French name for a baked puff pastry batter. The name means "windblown" and describes the lightness of the pastry. - See more at: http://www.visitflanders.us/discover/flanders/flemish-specialities/vol-au-vent/#sthash.hFPDcJ2i.dpuf
A vol-au-vent is the French name for a baked puff pastry batter. The name means "windblown" and describes the lightness of the pastry. - See more at: http://www.visitflanders.us/discover/flanders/flemish-specialities/vol-au-vent/#sthash.hFPDcJ2i.dpuf
This amazing vol au vent will certainly become a winner at your table and has it is a very versatile recipe, be inspired to adapt it to your favourite ingredients - additions are endless. Delicious and so easy I am sure you will be having it again and again.  The chicken is moist and tender, the sauce rich, creamy and tasty and the puff pastry crispy and savoury. It also has the advantage of being consummed hot, cold or even reheated if nedded be without loosing its flavour ansit's great for a cozy Fall dinner indoors.

  • 2 sheets of puff pastry [the love of LIDL] 
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • tomato sauce
  • 1 and 1/2 cup white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt 
  • chili
  • peas
  • corn
  • 1 small chicken
  • 1 egg + 2 tablespoons milk for brushing

In a pan sauté the onion and the chopped garlic with a little bit olive oil and chilli. Then add the tomato sauce and the carrots and let boil for about 4 minutes. Add the chicken without the skin and chopped into small pieces, the peas, corn and white wine and cook until all the chicken is soft and separates easily from the bones [about 30m]. In tray place a sheet of puff pastry and poke the dough with a fork [always leave the greaseproof paper that comes with the pastry underneath in order not to stick to the bottom of the tray]. Spread the prepared chicken [boneless already] and cover with another sheet of puff pastry. Cut the top of the pastry in a chess design and brush with eggwash. Take to a pre-heated oven at 200 ° until golden brown.

  • 2 folhas de massa folhada [adoro as do LIDL]
  • 3 cenouras
  • 2 cebolas 
  • 4 dentes de alho
  • massa  de tomate
  • 1 e 1/2 copo de vinho branco
  • 1/2 copo de água
  • azeite virgem extra
  • sal q.b.
  • malaguetas
  • ervilhas
  • milho
  • 1 frango pequeno
  • 1 ovo + 2 colheres de sopa de leite para pincelar

Numa panela saltear a cebola e o alho picadinhos com um pouco de azeite e as malaguetas. De seguida juntar a massa de tomate e as cenouras e deixar apurar 4 minutos. Adiconar o frango sem a pele e partido em pedaços pequenos, as ervilhas,o milho e o vinho branco e deixar cozer na totalidade até ao frango ficar macio e separar-se facilmente dos ossos [cerca de 30m].Num tabuleiro dispôr uma placa de massa folhada e picamos com um garfo [deixar sempre o papel vegetal que vem com a massa por baixo para não agarrar]. Espalhar o nosso preparado de galinha [já sem ossos] e cobrir com  a outra placa de massa folhada. Dar uns golpes em xadrez e pincelar com um ovo mexido com leite.Levar ao forno pré aquecido a 200º até ficar douradinha.

October 21, 2014

Teepee Tents

When I was a little tomboyish girl with a fervent imagination, like many of you, I loved playing at pretending to be an Indian - maybe it was due to the fact that I used to watch many cowboys and Indian films on TV [even if I didn't understand a word they were saying and I hadn´t learnt how to read back then], but that imaginary made part of the childhood of many of us and of mine for sure. Back then we had the woods nearby to set our imaginations at wild or our backyards where sometimes a big plastic or an old towel/ sheet was hung on sticks to pretend to be a tent. Kids nowadays are much more fortunate because these indoor teepee tents are just too beautiful to pass on! They do not only make an incredible impact on your home decór but also are a great to set your children's imagination at full gas,adding an element of whimsy to bedrooms/ playrooms. What do you think about this trend of taking the concept of building a fort into a new other level?