April 23, 2014

Stuffed Rustic Bread

I could live on bread and cheese, and this is an unalienable truth! Now, if on top we add bacon and nuts I can reassure I'll feel like in heaven! This is a great main course for four or a delicious, craveable homemade appetizer for guests. Super easy, relatively economical and extremely tasty [the of melted, gooey cheese mixed with the accentuated flavour of the bacon and the delicious nuts] this will be a recipe that  everyone will enjoy and will ask you to repeat!

  • mixed grain bread
  • bacon
  • variety of cheese [emental, gruyére, mozzarela]
  • nuts

April 22, 2014


Ever since I was a little girl I felt a great love for teapots and the subsequent ritual of setting a beautiful table for tea. I have quite a few, mostly inherited {aka stolen} from my mom and they are truly classy and polished, some embellishing my table on special occasions, others on a more frequent basis. They used to carry me  to imaginary realms of princesses and fairytales and that of Alice in Wonderland. Now, they just look very fancy but haven´t completely lost their kind of magical appeal. 

April 21, 2014

Cool Bomber Jacket

Spring lightweight jackets are always a necessity in my wardrobe and the sporty, cool bomber jacket is definitely a must-have this season. Made of luxe fabrics, in an array of colourful and floral prints it is an extremely versatile piece that can be paired with shorts, dresses or skinny jeans giving the clothes a stylish update full of attitude. They look edgy but chic, androgynous but girlie, retro but cool. Are you into this trend?