Everyday life is the special occasion!

July 28, 2015

The Colours of Nature - Part 4

I am very fond of having flowers at home, but instead of the expensive arrangements from a flower store I often go into the woods nearby and rather have wildflowers. I admire them for their combination of beauty and self-sufficiency. They create a certain rustic effect that I appreciate and are a charming addition to the chosen scenery. I constantly marvel at their colors and variety and often go on the hunt to pick a bouquet to take home.

July 27, 2015

Straw Beach Bags

My summer beach go-to is defenitely a big straw/ raffia beach bag that carries all my stuff [towels, sunscreens, water bottles, books, magazines, sunglasses...] and that still looks stylish and easily take me from the beach to a sunset cocktail without loosing its glamour. They've become so trendy that they have  made their way from the beach to the streets. You can find them simple and classic with a great vintage vibe or in bright, colourful, hot combinations to match your personal taste  - plus they are quite easy to wear and you won't have to rob a bank to get one. Straw bags  are a super chic must have this season.

This Too Shall Pass

July 24, 2015

In The Mood For

{strawberries and chocolate - the ultimate decadence for a birthday party}

I couldn’t have been more ready to dive into summer blissful days of calm, unworried, dolce fare niente at the beach and as closer those days approach the childlishly giddier I feel. My wardrobe as of late consists mainly of fresh dresses, breezy blouses and denim cut offs and I've been abusing of sunscreen on a daily basis, but instead of hitting the sales mahem, I've decided that I won't be spending [wasting] money on unnecessary things, but rather focus on making the most of what I already have and invest on books, great food and much needed house furniture instead. After all, mind over matter leads to better days and a happier life. Wish you a fantastic weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{soft make up with bold eyelined eyes for nights out}

{the amazing décor of this super feminine and cool dining room}

{teeny tiny beautiful gold jewelry - always}

{gifts for my friends nurseries that are so cute and delicate - at ZARA HOME}

{weekends' movies marathon favourite treat}

{an affectionate gift for a relative who is convalescing from a surgery}