Everyday life is the special occasion!

November 26, 2014


Now that we are practically a month away from Christmas, my favourite time of the year in what concerns celebrations, the scent of spicies flooding my kitchen really sets me into the mood. The holidays are just around the corner and my heart jumps with joy. This apfelstrudel dessert has the sense of Christmas at every bite. The sweet golden raisins, the acidic apples, the perfect marriage of cinammon and light brown sugar, the lightly sweet flavour of the nuts and its crunchiness - all together make it a tasty , so appetizing and mouth-watering treat! Serve it freshly baked, dusted with icing sugar, with a ball of vanilla ice cream or a good cup of coffee and you will win your guests heart in a blink!

  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • yellow grape raisins
  • nuts
  • three apples
  • 1 lemmon
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • cinammon
  • butter
  • milk to brush the puff pastry

November 25, 2014

Bugalhos - Autumn At Home

In Portugal we have beautiful oak trees that give birth to a round fruit, mostly the size of a nut, that have no interest except for kids who, like me, were raised in the countryside and used to play with them as if they were marbles. The most curious fact is that they are caused by an egg of an insect that inhabits it and sometimes they were used to feed the pigs. On one of these many autumnal early walks through the woods nearby I suddenly came face to face with an oak tree full of them and memories of many, many years ago came rushing through my mind and the sweetest feeling settled into my heart. The mixture of greens and browns was a clear ode to Fall. It was cold but a very tenuous sun was timidly spraying its rays through the leaves and I decided to bring some of that childhood warmth back home with me. 

November 24, 2014

Neutral Knit Sweater

When I go through my wardrobe countless times in search for a certain understated staple with a tactile appeal and can't seem to find any [I just always manage to find room for another coat instead] I often become mad at myself for not directioning my shopping for what I need and lack most - neutral winter basics. Cozy comfort and  frigid winter temperatures pair perfectly together and neutral  knits certainly provide that  classical cute look that's chic at all times. It looks beautiful either with skirts, skinny jeans, leggings, leather shorts or even jeans and this versatility means that comfort is key, but style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for its sake - this basic item can effortlessly look fashion-forward. With the very chill days fastly coming our way, neutral knit sweaters seem to be a fantastic choice!