Everyday life is the special occasion!

October 06, 2015

Visions Of Fall - Part 3

In my book the coming of Fall is always highly expected - the period of changes leading to the dark of winter.There is already chill in the air, heavy showers eventually happen but the sun is still golden and cozy most of the days.The fall light mixing with the bright colors of the season is a combination you can't beat. Fall always feels like a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden in our lives and often, as leaves fall and bare branches remain I am reminded of the fleeting nature of all things.In those times it's just such a comforting feel to wrap up in chunky jumpers,to delicious dried fruit cakes and to huddle around the oven to get warm.

October 05, 2015

All Stars Converse Sneakers

While I was packing shoes I realized that I own a lot of sneakers, four of them Converse All Stars and I found myself wondering what do I love about them at do you love about them? Well I guess my answer is - everything! They are the ideal go-to shoe for everyday wear/ weekend strolls, their effortless and casual look is super in right now, they are absolutely comfortable, they come in a variety of styles/ colours [what reflects their evolution from sporting staple to fashionista must-have], they look great almost with anything, and this is why  these kicks are my current go-to. Do Converse sneakers have a spot in your wardrobe?

This Too Shall Pass

October 02, 2015

In The Mood For

{attending a huge family get-together: I'll bring in cake}

 The sudden turn of events involving serious illness of someone really close and dear to my heart along with the neverending accelerated ageing decay of my parents and the massive moving that was already revolving around me has set me in such a frenzy mood, that I really had to pull my shit together [pardon my French!]in order to function accurately and under control. This weeeknd I really need to slow down, let loose and aim to enjoy the most simple things of life and celebrate it properly. Wish you a great one!I'm in the mood for...

 {longing for minimal makeup, bold lips, clean messy top and fur coats as Fall uniform}

{cozy relaxed corners around the house}

{trying these scrumptious bruschettas over the weekend}

{a beautiful tablecloth that makes for the most perfect rustic chic table ambiance}

{the greatest acquisition for my new home - feeling giddy as a child}

{the last delicious batch from our phisalis plant}

October 01, 2015

Summer Salad #16

The last of summer salads that actually is great to have around all year long! I love going to the local market to buy biological products that eventually I don't have at my parents' farm and these beautifully coloured cherry tomatoes and organic red onions and radishes were just what inspird me to make this fresh and rich salad. The combo of the mixed dried fruits and dehidrated olives revealed the perfect pairing to these fresh vegetables and it resulted in a very exquisite flavored side dish to end the summery hot days. 

  • cherry tomatoes
  • radishes
  • lettuce
  • red onion
  • mixed nuts
  • dehidrated olives
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • white wine vinegar