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October 07, 2013

Olive Green

From all the shades of green this is absolutely my favourite one and the one that suits my complexion the best. This Fall it has become a new neutral and it brings sophistication, elegance and timeless chic. It looks great with black, beige, white or even hot pink and it is a true autumn and earthy colour  encompassing nature and giving you an unique look.Are you falling straight into the olive trend this Fall?


  1. Gorgeous selection! Lovely photos!


  2. Não suporto verde azeitona, e a mim fica-me horrendamente mal. Infelizmente, porque vi umas calças de napa na HM a 9,95€ neste tom e não as trouxe por saber que jamais as iria usar... mas fico a parecer doente com esta cor, a mim o verde que mais me anime a favorece é o verde inglês ou o verde floresta.

  3. I have just purchased a smock of this shade of green!

  4. I LOVE olive green as well!! Works wonders! xo Caroline

  5. for me this is a very difficult color to wear

  6. Morning Aida! Hope your weekend is gone fine and you had some rest!:) Love this color too, not only on clothes but even on make up as eyeshadows and eye pencils. The looks you shared are all inspiring and too cool, the third is my fav! Happy Monday dear and have a great week ahead, many hugs! xo

  7. cute|! ;))

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