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October 04, 2013

In The Mood For

{loving the idea of having a cozy and intimate indoors atmosphere while it rains outside}

October has brought with it an autumnal chill in the air, sudden heavy rain showers, added a nostalgic, almost sad, dim/ gloom to the days and a certain laziness to waking up very early in the morning. That's why, when weekend approaches, I have nothing else on my mind rather than making my home feel as cozy as possible by burning scented candles, having warm throws at hand, baking comfort food, watching a couple of great horror movies, switching off and taking time to recharge batteries for some weeks that will unfortunately reveal themselves to be very stressful due to worrying news! Have a great and warm weekend!I'm in the mood for..

{wearing beautifully embellished statment bracelets}

{loving the sophisticated make up paired with sleek shiny hair and pop of white}

{trying this gilded faded olive green/ golden manicure for Fall}

{the perfect Fall ensemble - classic trench coat, embroidered nude skirt, chocolate leather bag and sophisticated gold accessories}

{indulging in fabulous hot cups of tea}

{trying to find a great classic, simple leather clutch - this one at Massimo Dutti's}


  1. The olive green polish looks so pretty. I'm about to copy it. Also, love sleek, shiny hair. It's a great trend.
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  2. Simple, cozy, comforting. Life is beautiful.

  3. I just love the selection, especally the makeup!

  4. pretty pics!! ;-))

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  5. Distressful news? Aida, alguma coisa que precises, apita, mesmo que seja só um ombro, o meu é gordinho e fofinho. Espero que corra tudo bem, e que consigas manter-te o mais calma possivel a meio dessas semanas stressantes que se aproximam. Tudo de bom e beijo cheio de força**

  6. Morning Aida! The description you did of the first autumn days is flawless and just your words made me imagine everything you wrote. Sorry to hear stressful weeks are going to start soon, hope everything will turn fine then. Btw, Im drooling over that nail polish, the color is amazing and perfect with gold. Also love the outfit with the trench and natural colors. You should buy that clutch dear, is awesome and for sure you will use it a lot, it is a staple item!:) Have a lovely weekend and rest, hugs! xo