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January 18, 2013

In The Mood For

{keeping warm by having reconforting lazy breakfasts of lattes and pancakes}

Lately the weather has been terribly cold and it has been raining cats and dogs for the whole week what has caused some erratic attitudes on my usual energetic self, taking everything in me not to jump back under the covers almost every single day! Thankfully my main investment pieces on wardrobe terms throughout the years have been Winter coats, because a few steps out on the street mean soaked to the bones. This weekend I recommend you to go and watch Django Unchained, one of the greatest movies I've seen recently with remarkable performances, amazing soundtrack and a great plot. I’m definitely enjoying some down-time, either reading a book, watching American Horror Story season 2 marathon or cooking new recipes - goat cheese, ham or smoked ham pastries. I feel a sense of peace after the holidays like you finally get a little "me" time back to enjoy things that I like.  Nothing better than a rainy weekend spent comfortably at home! I'm in the mood for...

Ultimamente o tempo tem estado terrivelmente frio e tem chovido a potes durante toda a semana o que causou algumas atitudes erráticas no meu habitual enérgico ser, exigindo de mim esforços hercúleos para não voltar para a cama quase todos os dias! Felizmente as minhas peças principais de investimento em termos de guarda-roupa ao longo dos anos têm sido casacos de inverno, porque dar alguns passos na rua significam ficar encharcada até aos ossos. Este fim de semana, eu recomendo que vão ver Django Unchained, um dos melhores filmes que vi recentemente com desempenhos notáveis​​, uma banda sonora incrível e um grande enredo. Eu definitivamente estou desfrutar de algum tempo de acalmia,ou a ler um livro, a assistir à maratona da segunda temporada do American Horror Story  ou cozinhar receitas novas - pasteis de requeijão e presunto ou fiambre.Sinto uma sensação de paz após as festividades como se recuperásse um bocadinho de tempo para mim para desfrutar de coisas de que eu gosto. Nada melhor do que um fim de semana chuvoso passado confortavelmente em casa! Apetece-me ...

{acquiring winter sweaters only next year will definitely be a priority - this one's amazing}

{loving the intricate patterns/ materials and great shape of these bracelets}

{craving this idea for my scarves' messed up organization}

{finding this rose golden set absolutely irresistible}

{baking some treat involving caramels, and probaly fleur de sel}

{liking these platform shoes for cold but dry days - now on sales}


  1. those carmels look to die for!

    Stop by for a visit on the blog. I'm selling a new with tags Burberry London Dress,


    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue

  2. Olá Aida

    Vc tem olho clínico para belas imagens. Adoro seus posts cheios de inspirações.
    Venha paticipar do sorteio caso ainda não tenha feito a sua inscrição.

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  3. Lovely Post!
    Where are you Aida?! Well you post so relates to me but in the contrary, instead of staying home I am everywhere...from Lisbon to Sintra, Shops and Shops and carrying so much with me specially my heavy bag... I need "ME" time so Bad! The weather is not helping...
    PS: Stay Warm!

  4. beautiful post Aida.. Love the sweater, the brushes, the bracelet.. Oops I love everything!xoxo

  5. Here,in Italy, it doesn't rain anymore, its normal is pouring!
    Has it forgotten? :-)
    You are right. Let's have many pamperimgs, they are a good medicine against awful weather!
    Have a nice day, my darling

  6. It's a very nice post. Everything is so pretty. Lovely scarves and these platform shoes are great.




  8. I want these shoes just for me! :)

  9. Gorgeous post!


  10. Hmmmmm American Horror Story parece-me TÃO bem - até porque tme a presença do meu mui adorado Zachary Quinto.

  11. Hi Aida! Brr is so freezing here as well!! I have your same plan for the weekend: being lazy and kept warm with a huge cup of hot latte and sweet treats^^ Love the shoes, you should buy for the dry days!! As well adore the rose golden set! Have a great weekend and take care! Big hugs!!♥

  12. Gorgeous items...I am in the mood for some SUN!!!!! I can't wait for spring to come back, haha. This winter has been too cold and I'm tired of it now. I hope you have a lovely weekend and relax and keep warm doll :) xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  13. I just scored a camel-color wool-and-cashmere pea coat - brand new, tags still on it - at the thrift store for very cheap! A little big, but good to layer over chunky sweaters.

    So happy. Rainboots are next.

    What is fleur de sel, please?

  14. Aida que rico ese cafe para pasar el frio de por alla . por aca con calorcito. Y lindo esos pañuelos para el cuello

  15. Love those bracelets. How did you make the video of the coffee? Love it!

  16. Adore your 'In the Modd for' posts, they're all things that you don't realise you need until you see them and then you really want them!! I adore the bangles, shoes and make up brushes, so so cute! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  17. Bom descanso Aida. Adorei a idéia das echarpes na escada, ficando tudo à vista. Beijos

  18. I love all your mood loves.

  19. Beautiful pics. I love sweaters or cardigans that have the elbow patches.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  20. Amazing post and pics! I am so in love with those bracelets!

    Kisses, Lucy :)