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July 28, 2015

The Colours of Nature - Part 4

I am very fond of having flowers at home, but instead of the expensive arrangements from a flower store I often go into the woods nearby and rather have wildflowers. I admire them for their combination of beauty and self-sufficiency. They create a certain rustic effect that I appreciate and are a charming addition to the chosen scenery. I constantly marvel at their colors and variety and often go on the hunt to pick a bouquet to take home.


  1. adoro flores, adoro ver arranjos bonitos com ar selvagem mas infelizmente não posso nem cheira-los - literalmente. Aqui ao pé de mim acabaram com o último descampado onde se podiam vislumbrar flores silvestres, cada vez detesto mais ter de viver num centro urbano...

  2. Flowers are happy things! We buy them in the winter to brighten our days.

  3. Adoro las flores , una belleza de fotos