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July 07, 2015

June Beauty Buys

With summertime days full of sunshine and ferocious heat I've decided to give more attention to my hair and skin, naturally more exposed and additionally subject to dehydration. Some of these products are not totally new to me, but rather faithful companions that I've stocked up on for this past month. They are really effective and very worth to be given a try . I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. I have always been a fan of Herbal Essences and this product range certainly does not disappoint. Beautiful ends  is my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner combo [ I use the conditioner too and together they leave my hair  looking great and luscious; they don't weigh my hair down either so still nice and bouncy, which is perfect] - this line left my hair super silky  and its ends feeling more strong and healthy; plus the scent is heavenly.  It is perfect for even severely damaged hair - my split ends are now invisible and feel just as soft as the rest of the length of my hair.

2. Lately I've been using this My Label very affordable, fragrant and stimulating body exfoliator and I am very pleased with the results. It features an uplifting scent of pomegranate and grapefuit that will make you feel good all day long - plus beacause it will virtually impregnate the whole bathroom with this amazing smell.  The grains are not aggressive at all but are effective and afer you actively massage them on your skin  they will ymake our skin glow and be left  feeling soft and  ultra smooth.

3. In the past few years I've been loosing hair at a large pace. Maybe it's due to stress or naturally aging process, but the point is that my hair volume has in fact decreased a lot. I've tried many different products but so far this Stimuliste spray by Kérastase is the best of them all. This will be my fourth bottle in two year's time and I've been using it daily for the past month of June. It gives a nice volume and softness to the hair after applying, and has a perfect smell. It is very easy and pleasant to use and doesn't weigh down my fine hair or leave it feeling sticky.It really helps my hair grow fast and accelerates the process of preventing hair loss. I have noticed less hair falling when washing and brushing my hair, it gives a bit of volume to the roots and doesn't make the hair oily. This one's a keeper, for sure.


  1. Já ando para comprar esse exfoliante há uns belos tempos, depois da tua descrição acho que é desta!!

  2. Conheço dois desses produtos e gosto muito! Beijinhos

  3. We all lose a little hair as we get older. Make sure you get your thyroid checked, though, because if it is low the doctor can fix that and in a few months your hair grows back. Take Vitamin D and Biotin, too.

  4. A dias usei um resto deste exfoliante e fiquei com o gosto de "Quero mais" no corpo!
    Vou comprar!