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July 03, 2015

In The Mood For

{spending a day at the beautiful Portuguese beaches' seaside}

Summer produce is giving me life these days. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables or flowers I truly can’t get enough.With the amount of work finally taking a slower pace it gives me more time to make plans for this first weekend of July -  spending a day at the coast while enjoying the beauty of a summertime sunset,picking roses from the garden, lighting floral-scented candles in the bedroom and bathroom, stocking up on tasty snacks before movie night [Mad Max: Fury RoadStill Alice]and doing some shopping spree at the sales at ZARA HOME. After all, summer’s for enjoying the simple things in life! Have the nicest weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{this cool and polished look for this summer - plus bad hair days ;)}

{beautiful cocktail rings for nights out}

{the comfortable and sweet feel of this super cute quilt}

{this adorable natural straw tote at WOMEN'S SECRET - I'm having a thing for pom-poms, I know}

{learning to master a signature dry gin}

{indulging in super healthy and deliciously savory homemade salads}


  1. hmmmm saladas, a minha perdição!!! Passa um excelente fim de semana!

  2. Morning Aida! That salad made me very hungry, luckily Im off to lunch in a bit! That beauty look is fantastic and so inspiring, perfect for the summer nights! I do like also the straw bag, very cute and perfect for the beach. Have a fab weekend, hugs! xo

  3. awesome style!! ; -)

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  4. I love her make up ! it's beatiful!

  5. I ma in the same mood too ;)


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  7. Those rings are gorgeous. And you can test your gin cocktails on me!